CES 2016: Turn Your iPhone Into A GoPro Camera

There are a lot of big well known companies at CES, but there are also small companies with brand new ideas for the trade show. Case and point is Clip-A-Phone. It’s essentially just a clip that attaches to the bill of a standard baseball cap, and offers a holder to latch on to your iPhone. There’s a Bluetooth remote allowing you to start and stop recording, and that’s all there really is to it. Rather than buying a $400 GoPro camera with a deluxe mounting system, Clip-A-Phone affixes the great camera of your iPhone to an everyday cap.
Your iPhone on a ball cap means that you can capture a first perspective that moves as you tilt your head to capture your true line of sight in various scenarios. It’s not the most deluxe piece of engineering, but it’s a surprisingly good idea to let you bring together what you already have, to create an action camera system. You can use the Clip-A-Phone app, and the Bluetooth remote starts and stops the shutter to work in photo or video potentially across multiple apps. The clip is made in the US, and can support most phones 3-4” wide, and can clip on to other surfaces beyond a cap with a clip range of 3mm to 10mm.

The Clip-A-Phone comes in three colors, and retails for $19.99.

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