E3 2012: EA Kicks It Into High Gear With NFS: Most Wanted & Fifa 13

EA keeps going stronger and stronger into mobile, and we get to see it by the advancement sof iOS games at each convention. The first upcoming iOS title they showed was Need For Speed: Most Wanted which is based on the upcoming console game, and is a lot closer than previous NFS iOS titles. The main difference is that although the game is built in house it looks like there’s some inspiration from EA’s owner Firemint’s Real Racing. Most Wanted is gorgeous with highly detailed beautiful cars that can deteriorate based on how you race.

The best example of the improved visuals is the tunnel lights reflecting on the car, or the various sparks when colliding with cops and other cars. The cop aspect is a definite focus as it is the Most Wanted version, and it really enhances the action of the game. There is a full map to race through as well as an online component to compete with friends based on experience points. Need For Speed: Most Wanted is expected later this year, and we can’t wait.

EA also showed of the newest version of Fifa with Fifa 13 featuring an enhanced graphical engine. We got to see the new iPad version, which is obviously gorgeous, but it’s the little things that really tell the story. The player animations, faces, and even their cleats are all enhanced, and the stadiums are now realistic and much more fleshed out. There’s also a Football Club Challenge mode with constantly updated challenges based on real world events. There are two new control options as well allowing you to swipe to perform special moves, and tap a special button to call a second defender. Fifa 13 is launching on iOS along with the console version, and it looks to be the most deluxe iOS soccer sim in the App Store, and we only wish the same power could come to Madden.

Finally, EA provided more on their official World Series of Poker game which is on track to launch this month, after we first saw at GDC. The game is all about online multiplayer with either friends or random opponents, and there’s also Omaha poker on top of Texas Hold’em. The authentic WSOP feel is provided including the chance to win the digital champion bracelet. The game will be freemium with about 15,000 coins to begin, and the ability to get new coins each day you launch the game. EA keeps enhancing their mobile offerings, and these three look like some of their best yet.

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