Foursaken Media Shows Off Upcoming Vertical Racing Game Sky Gnomes

Foursaken Media has made quite a name for itself on the App Store with their Bug Heroes games which are some of the best in the App Store by blending genres. The developers were at MacWorld|iWorld, and they had their next game to show off. The game is Sky Gnomes, and it’s a vertical racer where you play a gnome piloting a snow engine trying to accelerate towards the ground faster than your two opponents.

As you’re piloting downwards you try to collect snowflakes for boosts, and there are dynamic weather effects to always have a new experience. The game uses a new type of pseudo-multiplayer in that you race, and the game finds similar player’s skill levels to race against. You’re racing against other players runs, just not at the same time, but the matching engine makes for very competitive races. You also have the ability to upgrade your snow engine in a bunch of ways, and there’s plenty of reason to keep racing.

Sky Gnomes is excepted by the end of February, and we’ll have a review once it’s released. Foursaken Media was also showing off Mad Chef which is a very unique game with elements of Diner Dash, Fruit Ninja, and casual action shooter that has been out for a bit, and we’ll have a review of that coming soon.

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