GDC 2012: Awesome Man Is An Upcoming Superhero Diversion

The Edis brothers of have made quite a few really good iOS games including Diversion, Crazy Snowboard, Scarecrow, and a number of crazy apps. At GDC, they showed off their new work in progress, which is Awesome Man. The game takes the 3D style and essence of Diversion, and turns it into a superhero adventure. It’s a 3D runner allowing you to switch directions as you fly through the city, leap bullet trains, and blast through office buildings.

The game takes Diversion, and increases the pacing and action considerably for a much more enjoyable experience. Diversion was a bit too casual and simplistic, while Awesome Man feels more like an action adventure game with superhero skills. The game requires quick reaction time, and there are plenty of options to get around whether you’re running or flying. The neatest aspect is how you can turn every which way as you’re maneuvering in 3D, and the camera angle allows for great glimpses of the environment.

Awesome Man is expected sometime in the summer, and it just may live up to its awesome moniker.

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