GDC 2012: Chillingo Keeps The Great Publishing Going In 2012

Chillingo just may be the best publisher in the App Store with an overload of great titles, and just about two new releases every week. Not everyone is great, but they are more often than not, as seen recently with Fancy Pants, iBomber Defense Pacific, Spice Bandits, and Hank Hazard. There are so many other great releases over the past couple of years, and it looks like they have another strong slate for 2012.

Chillingo first showed off Coco Loco and TwinGo which were just released last Thursday. In Coco Loco it’s a new physics puzzler based on various liquids while TwinGo is a sliding puzzle where the two characters movements are tied together.

As far as upcoming games, AirMail really stood out by providing a smooth 3D aerial experience. You fly around achieving various goals across seven extremely colorful and detailed worlds. There is plenty to do, but part of the enjoyment is simply flying around with the silky smooth controls. The game is a bit reminiscent of Glyder, but with all of the enhancements that two years in the future provide.

Smash-A-Lot was another interesting title as it’s a 3D tower destroyer with an actual stone flinging catapult. It’s like Crush The Castle/Angry Birds but in 3D, and so much more physics at work because of the new angles. It’s also similar to Boom Blox for Wii, which just may be the best physics puzzle game we’ve played on any platform.

This Could Hurt looks to combine a classic platformer feel with planned puzzle skills as you need to choose your route wisely, and your character moves automatically. The game is overflowing with challenges and obstacles allowing for a very dangerous adventure. Chillingo was also showing off The Act which is a completely unique gaming experience, and more of an interactive movie. There’s an outstanding design so there’s no difference in quality between the cut scene movies and the playable sections. You swipe the screen to put the main character in motion, and your goal is to complete each scene by balancing your characters movements.

All of Chillingo’s upcoming games feel completely new, and we can’t wait to play the final versions on our own iOS devices. AirMail is expected the soonest, while the others have a planned summer launch.


This Could Hurt:

The Act:

Coco Loco


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