GDC 2012: Dojo Danger Pits Ninjas Vs. Zombies – From Baby Monkey Developers

We were bombarded with new games at GDC, and it takes a special one to stand out. Dojo Danger definitely did, as it’s a whole new take on strategy games as it involves elements of pool, pinball, Battle Bots, and Angry Birds. The game is from the makers of Baby Monkey, and looks to take the development studio to the next level. Dojo Danger revolves around a battle between ninjas and zombies, and you get to pick which side to play as.

It’s a top down physics based strategy game where you sling your characters across the board to destroy all of your opponent’s characters. The highlight of the game is the different environment layouts with spikes, hammers, and bombs to use to your advantage. The whole top down feel with dangerous traps is reminiscent of Battle Bots, and the pull back to sling characters takes cues from Angry Birds. In our limited demo time, it felt great to sling our character into an opponent, knocking them into a trap, and unleashing the mayhem.

The game features a deluxe single player campaign with 120 levels, and 30 different creative characters to unlock. There’s also multiplayer expected, and the game will launch for free with very optional in-app purchases depending on your choice of how quickly to advance through the game. Dojo Danger feels like a brand new iOS experience as you play with a billiards style on a pinball bumper filled table with the strategy battle elements. This is one we’re really excited to see in final release, and we hope you are too.

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