GDC 2012: Sketch Nation Studio Lets You Create Your Own Game

Sketch Nation Shooter is one of the most innovative games in the App Store as it allows you to create your own shooter game by drawing your ship, enemies, and environment. Engineous Games is following it up with Sketch Nation Studio which takes the idea to the next level with five different game types to make. We got a demo at GDC, and we saw how you can make a whole game made in under two minutes. You can draw your character, enemies, obstacles, land, and other objects right on screen. You also have the option to import photoshop files or snap pictures of other items all to be used in your game.

There are so many customization options, and more creative users can make some very interesting games. The best part is that you can make your own game, and submit it to Engineous Games for release in the App Store. You can also share your creation within the app, and play other users’ games. The app will be completely free to download and create, and you have an optional in-app purchase to buy more of the earned currency to download other player’s games. The app looks to be the most innovative creation yet on the App Store, and it was just submitted to Apple meaning it’s only a couple of weeks away.

Sketch Nation Studio provides no limits to what you can create, and there are tons of built-in options to create the exact game you want without a single line of code.

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