GDC 2013: Rollers of the Realm Delivers An Intriguing Pinball RPG Adventure

With such a crowded App Store, it’s tough to find unique ideas, but Rollers of the Realm is one. The upcoming game we saw at GDC is based on the classic pinball style, but fleshed out into an RPG adventure. There are a few adventure pinball games, but Rollers of Realm takes it to an all new level with so much depth. It’s an action puzzle role playing game, that uses pinball as a mechanic, rather than the heart of the game. There’s an actual fantasy storyline as you move between unique pinball environments giving you reason to smack the ball around.

The pinball gameplay is accessible, and familiar, and now you’re applying it to combating enemies, traveling through environments, and solving puzzles. One of the best aspects of the game is the 10 unlockable characters represented by different pinballs to play with. Each one has their own unique skill set, and on most levels you will need for them to work together to advance. You begin with a rogue character who can steal coins, perform damage from the back, and get through small spaces, and then there’s the knight that is larger for improved combat. There are also healing characters, and you can switch between all of the characters you have unlocked mid-game by simply holding the ball with your flipper. Speaking of the flippers, they can take damage from enemies providing more room for the ball to escape down the middle, past the flippers.

The main story mode is quite an adventure as you need to combat, solve puzzles, and use strategy all made accessible through familiar pinball mechanics. The variety is a definite highlight with something new always on the horizon, and that includes boss battles, and special challenge areas. There’s also an arcade, and endless mode in addition to the story. The entire game delivers beautiful 3D levels powered by Unity with such ornate details to immerse you in the fantasy medieval worlds you’re knocking the pinball through. There’s just so much to dive into, and all of it is crafted to keep you entertained, and engaged throughout.

Rollers of the Realm is one of the most intriguing titles that we saw at GDC, and it’s another described as “coming soon”.

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