GDC 2013: Tengami – Unfolding A Brand New Gaming Experience

It’s not everyday that I come across a game that is completely unique, and “wow” inducing. At GDC, I got to see Tengami in action, and it looks like an iOS experience not to be missed. Tengami provides a 3D interactive pop-up book that becomes an adventure game as you need to flip parts of the scene to reveal the path forward. The pop-up style is intrinsically tied to the puzzles included for a whole new way to play an adventure game.

The visual style is striking as well with such ornate design elements on every page inspired by traditional Japanese arts and crafts. The music ties in with the visuals to create such an immersive atmospheric experience. The game exudes style, and it encompasses a mysterious journey tied to ancient dark fairy tales. The page flip, and pop-up animations are second to none to round out the best digital pop-up book I’ve yet seen, and this one just happens to be a game too. The entire experience offers a contemplative nature with a very zen feel as you travel the pages, and uncover the hidden secrets of Tengami.

Tengami is excepted in the summer, and it looks like an absolute gem to make your iOS device shine.

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