GDC 2013: Zoombies, Soccer Rally 2, And Ring Run Circus Shine

Indie developers really make the App Store go, and not all gain the notoriety they deserve. GDC is filled with smaller studios with upcoming iOS games that consistently show ingenuity and creativity that you can’t help, but appreciate. We saw so many games at GDC, but we’re not done telling you about them just yet. One definite stand out was Zoombies from High Voltage Software, the makers of Le Vamp, and a number of other titles pre-iOS. Zoombies has a casual and cute nature like Le Vamp, and offers up an innovative twist on lane defense, made popular by Plants vs. Zombies.

Zoombies stands out with a new gameplay mechanic that lets you draw the path of your attack, and then your main character throws an axe along the path you just drew, sllcing through the zoombies along the way. The idea is a Mexican zoo has been infested so all of the animals are transforming, and you need to save the remaining animals from the zoombies. The game starts simple enough, but becomes nice and complex as there are multiple zombified monkeys, rhinos, and elephants on screen at once to kill, while keeping the unaffected safe. It’s an action packed game style made friendly for all with the drawing mechanic, colorful characters, and fun above all else. High Voltage Software also told us that their first game Conduit, a first person shooter which was a Wii title, and ported to Android, is coming to iOS soon.

IceFlame was also in attendance at GDC with a game like no other. Soccer Rally launched last year, and it’s such an imaginative idea that replaces soccer players with cars, and provides a top down fast paced soccer game. Now, Soccer Rally 2 is coming soon, and it enhances the physics engine, changes the differing cars strategies, improves the single player campaign, and introduces online multiplayer. We got to play a match, and it makes for a hectic game of soccer that is a bit like Ice Rage with the fast paced action, slightly imprecise shots, and last second goal defenses. Soccer Rally 2 is another than nails that fun aspect with an amusing theme, and hectic nature.

Finally, there’s Ring Run Circus which is unlike anything in the App Store by offering up a circular platformer. Every level presents a series of connected rings that your characters wheel around automatically, and you simple tap to flip them to rolling on the inner or outer ring. The simple set-up builds into complex designs with unique main characters with special abilities to jump, movie rings, flip enemies, and simply try to get the key in each level. The game features a great design that takes the circus theme to heart, and everything set-up for a unique iOS experience.

Creativity was flowing at GDC, and Zoombies, Soccer Rally 2, and Ring Run Circus all exemplify that.

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