GDC 2015: Riff The Robot To Bring Slingshot Pachinko To iOS Devices

It’s tough to create new game ideas, or even reinvent a formula that has been made popular by an existing game. Oh So Shiny was at GDC to show off their first game, entitled Rift The Robot, which looks to reinvent the Peggle formula. At first glance, you see the colored pegs and bars with a little ball to bounce on them. The basics are familiar, but it’s a relatively new concept as you slingshot a ball up into the pins rather than dropping the ball from above. It’s more than that though, as the game feels more like pinball as you try to knock the ball into specific spots on the board.

Each of the 80 included levels have unique layouts, obstacles, and power-ups with everything lighting up the score in a flurry of fun, again like pinball. The best feature may be thrust that you can apply to your ball to get to hard to reach places, and change trajectory. Rift The Robot is also accented with an actual storyline that has an amusing nature to give you background of why you’re launching through all of these pegs. It turns out you get to play as a robot ball trying to collect Dr. MC’s marbles that he has lost over the past few decades. There’s a high quality design to everything included, and it’s one we’re looking forward to.

Riff The Robot is currently soft launched, and will launch worldwide in the coming months.

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