GDC 2015: Total War Battles: Kingdom Is Coming To iPad In Full Form

The Total War franchise has delivered some great strategy games over the years, and the next installment is coming soon. Total War Battles: Kingdom combines detailed 3D battles with kingdom building with a focus on making the game portable. The game is set during the turn of the 10th century, when humanity leaves the Dark Ages, and the world is divided in war. Every time you launch the game, you get to further flesh out your kingdom whether that’s adding buildings, improvising production or defense, or even terraforming your land. You need to manage your kingdom as well as recruit soldiers, so that you can be ready to duel against neighboring kingdoms.
The highlight of Total War Battles: Kingdom is the battle set-up with large scale combats to engage in. There’s a new engine in the game that lets you zoom in on individual combatants within a war, and witness the highly detailed 3D combat up close. The main gameplay revolves around ordering your different units to charge, support other units, and attack particular enemy units. You get to manage full battalions of archers, horsemen, and swordsmen, and watch your strategic decisions play out in real time. The game also includes massed multiplayer wars against other lords as well as the ability to deceive, spy, and betray other online opponents. The battles looked extraordinary in person at GDC, and offer a whole new perspective of Total War.

The full Total War Battles: Kingdom will be cross platform including available on the iPad later this year.

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