iOS 6 Hands-On: Apple Clears Away Redundant Notifications


If you have an iPhone and iPad, then you know that it’s annoying to get a message since it goes to both devices. If you read a message on your iPhone, you still have to see it again the next time you open your iPad, and vice versa. This really builds up if you get a bunch of messages during the day, and then see your iPad at night.

With iOS 6, Apple has fixed this problem so that if you read a message on your iPhone, the notification disappears from your iPad. It’s such a subtle change, but it makes such a difference in terms of a smooth experience. Redundant notifications were one of the problems with iCloud & iOS 5, and it’s great to see it subtly rectified. Also, you can access the messages notifications on either device, and then it will disappear from the device you don’t check. For now, it only works with Apple’s stock apps, but it will likely be extended once developers update their apps for iOS 6 in the fall.

The move could also indicate that Apple is moving all of their push notifications to iCloud.