iOS 6 Hands-On: Apple Revamps App, iTunes, and iBooks Stores

With iOS 6, comes redesigns for Apple’s three digital stores with visual and feature enhancements. All three stores now feature a sliding top banner bar with sliding sections for the various featured products. In the App Store, for instance, you can swipe left to view all of the new apps, and the same goes for featured movies, songs, TV shows, and books. There’s also a black theme introduced for the top and bottom bars in all three stores.

Once you tap on an item, there are now three bars with details, reviews, and related apps available right at the top of the item listing. In the App Store, you can also view top in-app purchases, the developer page, and update history at the bottom of the description. You can share any items via mail, message, Twitter, or Facebook, and you can also copy store links, and Like items.

The biggest change in the App Store is the ability to buy an app without leaving the store. Say, you’re browsing the top free charts, and you download Mega Run, you can see the download progress in the App Store, and proceed to download more apps, with all receiving the same treatment. Now the rest of the App Store works like the purchased tab. You can also open previously downloaded apps from within the App Store. Once you download an app, there’s a tiny blue ‘new’ banner attached to the app until you open it for the first time. There’s also the ability to delete an app mid-download.

All three of the stores are easier to use, though there’s no indication of any new discoverability features.

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