iOS 8 Offers AirPlay Without WiFi, And iOS Device Screen Recording

There are a bunch of little features that Apple is offering in iOS 8 that they didn’t have time to mention. They mentioned a few new Enterprise features, but there’s one on the Apple’s Enterprise preview page that they didn’t announce. It’s peer-to-peer Airplay discovery, and playback. This is big as it lets you connect your iOS device to your Apple TV without having to be on the same WiFi network, and even offline. That obviously helps when trying to present on the Apple TV at various offices, and not having to connect to convoluted wireless networks. It can also help if you’re at a hotel, or even around the house. This new connection should offer improved stability over the WiFi tie, and could potentially lead to a better AirPlay experience.

Another new surprise feature ties iOS 8 & Yosemite together to let your Mac record video of your iOS device screen. We currently use the Elgato Game Capture HD to record our ’N Action videos, but this makes the process significantly easier. With the two new OS’, you simply plug your iOS device into your Mac, which in turn recognizes it as a video camera. From there, you can record anything on your iOS device screen using QuickTime. The function is designed for developers to create App Previews, which are the new video trailers that developers can add to their App Store pages as part of iOS 8. Everyone will be able to use the feature though, and again all you do is plug in your device, open QuickTime, choose “New Movie Recording”, and then select your iOS device as the input method. See the screenshot below of the feature in action.

Apple has given us two powerful under the radar features that we can’t wait to use.


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