iPhone 7 Event: Apple Improves Audio & Visual iPhone 7 Capabilities

The iPhone 7 doesn’t only include a new camera, but also a new display to show off the new photos you can take. The display is 25% brighter with a wide color gamut that is cinema standard. After the display, the iPhone 7 includes a new stereo speaker system with an enhanced speaker on the top and bottom of the device. There’s twice the audio output of the 6S with increase dynamic range.

The audio components continue with all new Lightning EarPods. The Lightning connection allows for digital audio that allows for control of the audio output over the connection. Apple has removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 in favor of Lightning. The iPhone 7 will include Lightning based EarPods as well as a dongle to connect 3.5mm analog to lighting in the box.

The Lightning connected EarPods will be included in the box, but Apple has another paid of headphones ready. The AirPods are completely wireless earbuds that are two separate earbuds that have no wires between each other or the device. The AirPods have a new W1 chip for seamless syncing to one another, and your Apple devices. There’s also a compact wireless charging case for AirPods to recharge the AirPods on the go beyond their five hour battery life.



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