iPhone X Event: Apple Unveils The Apple TV 4K With HDR

The Apple TV is the next new product to take the stage. Apple has introduced the Apple TV 4K. It’s not just 4K, but also includes support for HDR, High Dynamic Range, and Dolby Vision. To accomplish this, the Apple TV 4K includes the A10X Fusion chip from the iPad Pro to deliver 2X processing power and 4X graphics performance.

In terms of content, Apple is bringing 4K movies to iTunes for the same price as HD. If you bought an HD version with a 4K option, you will automatically be upgraded for free. The well known screen savers have also been updated to 4K. Netflix’s 4K content will be available as well as Amazon Prime later this year.

Apple has also updated the TV app with Live Sports and Live News content. There will be a Sports tab in the TV app that shows you the live score and time remaining, if you choose, and the highlights change as the calendar year progresses. The A10X chip also allows for all new games.

Apple TV 4K starts at $179 for 32GB and $199 for 64GB with the old version remaining for $149. The new device pre orders begin on September 15th with delivery and in store on September 22nd.

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