iPhone X Event: The iPhone X Is Official With OLED Edge To Edge Super Retina Display

Tim Cook emphasized that the event is being held at the Steve Jobs theater. To honor that, Tim Cook has used the line, “One More Thing”. That one more thing this year is the iPhone X.

The iPhone X features an edge to edge OLED screen that is a Super Retina Display. The display is a 5.8″ screen with a 2436 x 1125 that delivers 458 ppi. The home button is gone, so to go to the home screen on iPhone X, you now simply swipe from the bottom of the screen. That includes when you’re using an app, and if you wasn’t to activate multi-tasking, you swipe up and hold for a second. To activate Siri, you simply hold the side button on the right side of the screen.

To unlock your device, Apple is replacing TouchID with FaceID. There’s a new TrueDepth camera system with an infrared camera, flood illuminator, front camera, and dot projector. The A11 Bionic includes a neural engine chip that is dual core with 600 billion operations per second, and the system itself projects 30k invisible IR dots on to your face. FaceID needs user attention, so a photo, high quality mask, or you with your eyes closed won’t unlock the device. The iPhone X uses the front facing camera and FaceID for face tracking for Animoji. Animated emojis that can mimic a recording of you. Third party apps have access to the face tracking and FaceID.

The iPhone X includes a dual 12MP camera system with dual optical image stabilization. There’s a f1.8 and new f2.4 on the telephoto. The camera system also includes a Quad True Tone Flash with the Portrait mode and Portrait Lightning mode from the iPhone 8 Plus. The front facing camera includes a new portrait mode with a portrait lightning mode. The iPhone X includes the same A11 Bionic chip with 6 cores. The iPhone X last 2 more hours than the iPhone 7. Speaking of battery, the iPhone X includes wireless charging as well.

The iPhone X comes in two configurations, 64GB and 256GB and starts at $999. Orders begin on October 27th and are shipping and in store on November 3rd.

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