Cloak Makes It Easy To Browse Safely

Public WiFi is a great resource allowing you to get online for free whether you’re at the coffee shop, airport, hotel, convention center, etc. The problem is that when you browse using public WiFi, your information could be accessed by others on that same public WiFi network. Cloak is an app designed to keep you safe when you browse on public WiFi networks, and it couldn’t be simpler.

There are similar services out there, but Cloak cuts through the fluff to get you safely online with a minimal amount of effort. On the back-end Cloak sets up a VPN for you on their servers so that your pages are actually loaded from their servers rather than the public WiFi. The ease of Cloak is that it’s a one button operation so you simply tap to turn Cloak on or off without any knowledge of a VPN required. In fact, Cloak can recognize if you’re on an unsafe WiFi network, and it will automatically pop-up for you to turn it on to actually browse.

Since you’re using a VPN, browsing isn’t quite as fast as simply loading the pages straight from the public WiFi, but the speed difference is negligible. The best part of Cloak is that there’s an app for Mac, iPad, and iPhone so that you can always be secure on all of your Apple devices, accessing the same account. Cloak is a free app with a 30 day free trial, and then there’s a basic plan for $7.99/month with 20GB monthly data allotment, or $14.99 pro plan with 50GB monthly data.

Cloak delivers the “it just works” methodology of Apple, but applied to VPNs. There’s also a 30 day free trial.

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