MacWorld|iWorld: Echograph May Be The Neatest Thing We Saw

One of the neatest things we saw at MacWorld|iWorld was Echograph which combines videos and still photos into a whole new form of multimedia. For instance, you take video of someone tossing a coin into a fountain, and then freeze the person, and have the fountain video continue to play. There is plenty of precision available to choose just what frame to freeze, and the video loop that continues to play. The entire process is only three steps, and it can be completely done on your iOS device.

You take or import video, and then scrub across it to pick the freeze frame you want. Next, you adjust the start and stop time of the video loop you want to keep. Finally, you scrub over the portion of the freeze frame you want to keep playing, and you can use a mask for precision editing. It’s as simple as that, and then you have the usual sharing options, and the company is hoping it’s the future of photos and videos. One of the most interesting aspects is that these echographs run completely on any site you share them to like Facebook, Twitter, personal blog, or even e-mail. You don’t need a special viewer, and you don’t need to press play to see the full echograph.

The app is set to debut in March, and to say we’re excited for it would definitely be an understatement.

2 Comments on "MacWorld|iWorld: Echograph May Be The Neatest Thing We Saw"

  1. mark January 31, 2012 at 8:01 AM -

    I agree.. this was the coolest app I saw there as well. can’t wait for it to launch, I will be buying it. It was my first time at MacWorld – some cool stuff… most of the gadgets I had seen before online, but it was kinda neat to see them in person too. I wished some of the people demonstrating products had used breath mints though… there were some stinky people.

    • Trevor Sheridan January 31, 2012 at 2:20 PM -

      Glad you had a good time, I have to concur on the breath mint sentiment though.