WWDC 18: iOS 12 Enhances Augmented Reality With AR Kit 2

Apple invested big in Augmented Reality with iOS 11, and they’re taking it a step further with iOS 12. First off, Apple introduced a new AR file format USDZ, universal scene designation. The format allows embedding of AR items in articles, send in messages, and is optimized to be open and compact. Adobe, Autodesk, ptc, Quixel, and Sketchfab have already worked with Apple to support the format.

Apple also introduced AR Kit 2 with support for improved face tracking, realistic rendering,
3d object detection, persistence experiences, and shared experiences. The shared experiences allow multiple players to play an AR game with each other with a consistent play area with different player perspectives and interactions. LEGO gave a demo of interacting with a building in which each player could add pieces, characters, and more.

iOS 12 is also set to include a new Measure app. Just point your device at something you want to measure, tap a corner, and then move your device along the whole side you want to measure. Tap again to get the full measurement, and you can measure multiple sides to automatically calculate area and volume. If there are predefined shapes of the objects you want to measure, your device can identify the edges and dimensions all by itself.

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