WWDC 18: iOS 12 Tries To Combat Phone Addiction

Apple spent part of the iOS 12 presentation on phone addiction. First off, they have advanced “Do Not Disturb” mode with a special bed time mode to turn off visual notifications for your sleeping hours. There are also new specific choices to “Do Not Disturb” until you leave a specific location, until your next event ends, etc. Notifications themselves are getting a change allowing you new customization options on a per app basis. You can now choose “Deliver Quietly”, which sends an app notification straight to Control Center, and away from your lock screen. iOS 12 now groups notifications from the same app, and can remind you to turn off notifications if you stopped using an app.

iOS 12 also introduces a new app called Reports that provide weekly analytics of device usage. You can see your screen time usage, how many times you picked up your device, and what apps you’re using the most. There are various bar graphs and charts that gives you the info that you can work off of to try to change your habits. To build off this, there are now App Limits that you can activate to limit your time in a specific app. You can set up “Time Check” notifications to say something like, you have five minutes left of using Instagram for the day. You can ignore the time limit with a tap, but you can set set up your own restrictions.

There are also brand new parental controls beginning with parents getting the Reports for their child’s device. Parents can set time limits on specific apps, or even app genres, like games, and kids can only have set time “Allowances”. Kids also can’t tap the ignore time limits button either.

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