WWDC 18: iOS 12 Updates Native Apps Including Photos, News, Stocks, And More

Apple has turned their attention to native apps in iOS 12. First off, Apple News, Stocks, and Voice Memos are coming to the iPad. Apple News has a new Browse tab allowing you to browse curated content from a human team. The iPad version of Apple News has a new sidebar to quickly jump between sections. The Stocks app has been completely rebuilt with new sparkline charts and the inclusion of Apple News business stories tied to the stocks that you follow. The Voice Memos app has been rebuilt as well, and that includes iCloud support for your recordings.

Apple has also updated iBooks to now be called “Apple Books”. It’s not just a name change with a new “Reading Now” section to show where your left off, the the Apple Books store has been redesigned similar to the iOS 11 App Store. iOS 12 has also improved CarPlay to now support third party navigation apps including Google Maps and Waze.

Finally, iOS 12 gives Photos some attention. There are now “Search Suggestions” for improved finding of your photos based on location, names, or special events. Speaking of which, you can now share the “For You” tab with “Sharing Suggestions” with recommendations on sharing specific items with particular people. For example, you could have went to an event with a friend, and you can share photos with them, and they can send others back allowing both of you to have a full set of photos.

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