WWDC 18: Siri Gains New Shortcuts With iOS 12

iOS 12 is giving new attention to Siri with enhancements to SiriKit. The big new feature is Shortcuts, which will be a stand alone app in iOS 12. The new native app is built off Workflow, that Apple acquired last year. With Shortcuts, you can teach Siri specific tasks to any third party app. To set this up, tap “Add to Siri”, record your custom phrase, and then pick the app you and task you want for that phrase. For example, you can say “I lost my keys”, and have the Tile app pop up to ring the device attached to your keys. You can also say “Game Time” to get your favorite team’s schedule, or “time to relax” for your favorite meditation app session.

The Shortcuts app also ties into the Siri suggestions tab to the left of your home screen. Siri builds upon its intelligent suggestions of your app usage, and combines it with shortcuts for quick button taps to your most used tasks. You can build more complex Siri shortcuts as well to say “heading home”, and have multiple automated home devices activate. You can also connect multiple travel plans like hotel, flight, car, etc into Siri action to ask to bring up the information when you need it.

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