WWDC 18: tvOS Gains Dolby Atmos, Zero Sign On, And More

The Apple TV 4K took some stage time at WWDC as well. The big new feature is support for Dolby Atmos to offer immersive 3D audio to your viewing experience. iTunes movies will be updated this fall, and like the 4K video update, your movies will be upgraded to Atmos for free. Apple has also made a partnership with Charter Spectrum for a couple of new features. First off, if you’re a subscriber, you can access live channels and on-demand content right from the apple TV, as an alternative to the Charter Spectrum cable box.

Apple introduced single sign on last year, and this year they introduced “zero sign-on”. It’s only set to work with Charter Spectrum this year in the US, but it allows your Apple TV to check your cable provider’s broadband, and if it’s the same service, then it will automatically log you in to the connected cable apps. The tvOS updated wasn’t the biggest of the keynote, but Apple is also expanding the live news and live sports offerings this year. Finally, tvOS is gaining all new panoramic screen savers that were shot from the International Space Station. You will also be able to tap the remote to see where any of the screen savers were shot.

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