WWDC 2015: iOS 9 Introduces New Productive Assistant

Apple kicked off their iOS 9 presentation with a new Proactive Assistant. There’s a new system wide proactive offering that builds upon what Siri offers to include info everywhere in iOS 9. Siri can now set up reminders about what you’re looking at. The Proactive system goes beyond Siri to launch music when you plug in headphones, or get in a Bluetooth enabled car. iOS 9 can also provide leave reminders based on calendar events and the current traffic. Spotlight is enhanced as well with new suggestions for apps, people, nearby locations, and even breaking news. The new Spotlight section features a lot of abilities of Siri to give you an option to type out many of the same search strings that you can Siri for.

Apple also introduced a new developer API for search to allow for third party apps info to be searched the same way, and deep linked to the given app. Apple also emphasized anonymous information to gather and deliver results.

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