WWDC 2016: OS X Is Now macOS Sierra To Emphasize Continuity

OS X first launched back in 2001 as codename Cheetah, and since then has seen 12 major updates since. At WWDC 2016, Apple unveiled macOS Sierra, which is essentially OS X 10.13, but with different nomenclature. Apple changed to macOS to fit with iOS, watchOS, and tvOS, and to increase the continuity across their operating systems. MacOS Sierra includes new auto unlock system allowing your Mac to recognize your iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock, rather than using a password. There’s also a new universal clipboard to copy items on your Mac, and have them accessible on iOS, and vice versa.
The biggest new feature is as expected, with Siri coming to the Mac. Siri is a bit more capable on the Mac allowing you to ask Siri a question, while continuing what you were doing. Not only that, but you can also pin Siri search results to the Notification Center to access later. Sierra lets you drag and drop Siri search results to the desktop, in documents, and more. Siri can also search the Mac file system, and it’s a much more capable version of Apple’s intelligent assistant. Other familiar iOS features include Apple Pay on the web which you can confirm with TouchID on your iPhone. You can also enable picture in picture with any video playing on your Mac to have it in a small screen as you continue with other apps.

In terms of Mac specific additions, the big one is optimized storage. Sierra can store certain things on the cloud, like movies you have watched, and automatically clear out mail downloads and Safari cache. In Apple’s demo, they were able to turn 20GB of free space into 150GB of free space with the optimized storage system. Apple is also allowing every app to have tabs, and developers don’t even need to update their apps. You can easily create tabs in Maps, Pages, and more, and they work just like they do in your web browser. The iCloud Drive system has also been enhanced to include your Mac desktop, and all of the files included there.

macOS Sierra doesn’t blow you away with features, and instead focuses on optimizing the desktop experience further with practical applications.

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