WWDC 2017: iOS 11 Is Unveiled With Updates For Control Center, Siri, Apple Pay, And More

Apple waited awhile, but here are the updates for iOS 11. The Messages app has been updated with a redesigned app drawer for quicker and easier access to the Messages apps. There’s also new iCloud sync for Messages to have the same messages across all of your devices as well as improved storage. Apple Pay is updated for person to person payments as a built in Messages app to send and receive money. Siri is set to be updated with all new more natural voice for both female and male voices. There will also be a translation beta feature for Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Siri Kit for developers has been updated for more abilities for third party developer apps for task management, note taking, bank payment, and more. Siri has new learning technology for better suggesstions of what you want to do next, and everything on Siri is synced. There’s also a new way to set a key photo for Live Photos, as well as create a Loop/Gif style photo, bounce/rewind effect, or create long exposure all from your live photos.

Beyond individual apps, Apple has redesigned Control Center to be back to one page. You still swipe up to access it, but now you have everything at once with new sliders and switches. You can 3D touch any option in Control Center for even more options. Lock Screen and Notification Center are now one for a consistent view of your notifications even after you unlock your device.

Maps has also been updated with detailed floor plans at Malls and Airports as well as lane guidance and speed limit banner. “Do Not Disturb While Driving” uses Bluetooth connectivity or speed proximity to find when you’re in a car to mute notifications and distractions for potentially safer driving, if it’s used. Apple is offering a new AirPlay 2 protocol with multi-room speaker control with a developer API for third party apps. Apple Music has been updated with what your friends are listening to.

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