WWDC 2017: macOS High Sierra Is Introduced With Backend Refinements

Next up in Apple’s OS update chain is macOS. The newest version for macOS 10.13 is named High Sierra as it’s a refinement of macOS 10.12 Sierra. Safari has a number of enhancements including javascript enhancements for the claim that Safari is the “fastest desktop browser”. Apple also improved browsing including intelligent tracking prevention, and the ability to stop auto play videos at the top of articles. Mail has a few improvements including new search in mail to deliver intelligent top hits. Mail also claims to use 35 percent less disk space for storing mail. Photos also got some attention with a new edit panel, new third party photo book creators, and a persistent side menu. One neat addition is Photos is saving of edits to be synced with third party editing apps like Photoshop and Pixelmator.

There’s big back end changes in High Sierra as well. Apple has changed the entire file system to transfer over to Apple File System as the new default. AFS is optimized for modern flash storage, use 64-bit structure, and improved privacy in device cleaning. Apple demoed the new AFS by duplicating video files which took about 10 seconds before, and was near instantaneous with AFS. For video, Apple is transition to H.265 standard over H.264 for 40% playback/storage improvements. For Graphics, Apple introduced Metal 2 with faster performance both for internal and external graphics. Metal 2 also supports VR, and the most well known VR platforms.

macOS High Sierra beta is available today, and will launch in the fall for free to support all devices that can run Sierra.

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