WWDC 18: iOS 12 Introduced To Double Down On Performance

Apple kicked things off at WWDC 18 with iOS 12. There are 14 main new features that Apple wanted to highlight. The biggest one that started things off was performance. Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi said, “We are doubling down on performance”. Over the past year, Apple was been working on iOS from top to bottom to be faster, and more responsive.

iOS 12 will support all of the devices that iOS 11 did with a pretty heavy emphasis on the older devices. In Apple’s testing of the iPhone 6 Plus, they have seen apps launching 40% faster, the keyboard coming up 50% faster, and the slide to camera opening 70% faster. On newer devices, the share sheet and apps can appear up to 2x faster under heavy load. Apple has been able to do this by ramping up processing immediately, rather than a steady progression over time. Your device can handle heavy demand much simpler by ramping up quickly, and than cooling off just as quickly to preserve battery.

Apple has some fast processors over their recent devices, and iOS 12 is designed to full take advantage of them.

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