Real Racing 3 Updated With Dubai Autodrome And Lexus Cars

real_racing3_Real Racing 3 launched as a free to play title in part, to get more people playing the game to help support long term development. We’re already seeing the results with the second significant update for Real Racing 3. Version 1.1.2 introduces a brand new race track with the Dubai Autodrome to race in the Middle East. The real nuance of the new track is that there are six different layouts with racing during the day, and at twilight. The update also introduces Lexus vehicles with the Lexus IS-F and Lexus LFA. real_racing_3_update_2_2 There’s also the new Dodge Charger RT and Dodge Charger SRT8 with all four new cars offering V8s specifically geared for the new track.

The Dubai Autodrome and new vehicles set the stage for over 50 new events to push the event total over a thousand. The first two updates have introduced a new mode, new track, two new manufacturers, six new cars, and 150 new events. It’s simply a sign of things to come because the free entry price has introduced the franchise to such a wide audience. In fact, Real Racing 3 generated more downloads in the first week than the total downloads of the first two games combined.

Real Racing 3 (Free, Universal) is one of the most advanced titles on iOS, and it’s free for everyone to try. Also, we have a guide for you on how to play Real Racing 3 for free for as long as possible.

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