Apple Shows Off 44 Different Third Party Apple Watch Apps Online

The Apple Watch will be hitting wrists on April 24th, but in the mean time, there are a number of resources to check out regarding the Apple Watch to help you get excited. The most interesting page is the Apple Watch App Store page complete with 44 different third party apps on display.There are some big names that have been working on Apple Watch apps, and Apple showed a few of them during the Spring Forward event. We saw the Starwood hotels app to unlock a hotel room, Instagram app to view photos, Shazam app to identify songs, and At Bat app to check baseball scores.
If you visit the Apple Watch App Store apps page, you can see details on all of the early creations that Apple is highlighting. It’s great to see so many entries with really thoughtful creations to let your Apple Watch enhance and extend your iPhone experience for your wrist. A good example is Target, which can identify where you are in the store to nudge you when your near an item on your shopping list. Evernote lets you dictate notes, or see content related to an upcoming meeting. The TripAdvisor app gives you information about nearby restaurants, sights, and tourist destinations by tracking your location. Sky Guide shows you a calendar of upcoming astronomical events with notifications when an event is about to happen. Dark Sky presents the chance of inclement weather for the next hour right on your Apple Watch. Rules! offers a mini-game with ten puzzles of just four tiles to tap on, rather than the 16 in the iOS version.

There are many more explained in detail, and apps will be the driving force behind whether or not the Apple Watch takes hold.

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