Real Racing 3 Unveiled With New Trailer, Coming Later This Year

Real Racing may be the best series in the App Store in terms of pushing the platform ahead. The original launched in November of 2009 with the sequel coming in December of 2010. Both titles have been updated numerous times to be cutting edge, and take advantage of new features in each new iOS device whether it be retina displays, new processors, or new iOS features. EA held a special event today, and unveiled Real Racing 3 from their new team Firemonkeys.

Firemonkeys is a collaboration between Firemint and Iron Monkey, and a combination of two iOS development powerhouses. Firemint makes Real Racing as well as Flight Control and Spy Mouse, while Iron Monkey is the team behind Dead Space for iOS and Mass Effect Infiltrator. Their first title is Real Racing 3 which is set to launch sometime later this year, and the first trailer was released today.

From the trailer, the biggest take away is that the graphics engine is even finer, and the car movement is much more authentic for swaying of the cars as compared to the relatively rigid movement of Real Racing 2 (which was as smooth as they come two years ago). Real Racing 3 will feature extremely photorealistic visuals of authentic cars from Audi, Porsche, and Dodge. There will also be authentic tracks to race on including the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Silverstone. Possibly the biggest new feature, is that races will feature a 22 car grid allowing you to race against 21 different opponents, and up from the 16 car races in Real Racing 2.

Real Racing 3 looks amazing, and it just may be the biggest launch of 2012 when it comes later this year. For now, enjoy the trailer.

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