Upcoming Da Vinci Pinball Table Will Be Added To Gameprom’s Excellent Pinball HD

Pinball HD by Gameprom is by far and away the best digital adaptation of Pinball I’ve ever seen and played. The game is absolutely bursting with polish, and the pinball physics engine is superb. Pinball HD currently features four tables, but Gameprom is working on a new table to add to the mix. Da Vinci Pinball Machine will be the newest table to be included in the next update of Pinball HD.

The idea behind the table is extraordinary because Leonardo Da Vinci’s creations are unmatched from a single man in the history of time. Gameprom has revealed some screenshots, and a trailer showing just how amazing the new table will look. You can see how all of the contraptions are working together for such an intricate pinball table. This one looks even better than any of Gameprom’s previous works, and that’s saying something.

Gameprom has said the Da Vinci table l will be a DLC item in Pinball HD for the iOS and Mac versions, and is planned for release sometime next month. Gameprom has two pinball games in the App Store with Pinball HD and War Pinball, and you can check them both out with the links below. Please give the trailer a watch, and be prepared to be amazed.

Pinball HD for iPhone ($0.99)
Pinball HD For iPad ($0.99)
Pinball HD for Mac ($2.99)

War Pinball for iPhone ($0.99)
War Pinball HD For iPad ($2.99)
War Pinball HD for Mac ($2.99)

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