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Jeff Cochin

Jeff CochinJeff Cochin has been immersed in the Apple ecosystem for most of his professional career, relying on his trusted MacBook and iPhone when deploying SaaS solutions and troubleshooting server issues. Now, he’s covering the latest Mac news and writing in-depth reviews and data recovery guides for the readers of AppleNApps.

David Morelo

David MoreloDavid is a professional tech writer whose experience with the Apple ecosystem stretches back to the days glorious days of the iPhone 3G. He enjoys helping users use their devices to their full potential by scouring the internet for the most useful apps, writing detailed how-to guides, and providing all kinds of useful tips.

Alejandro Santos

Alejandro SantosAlejandro got started in tech as a part-timer in his uncle’s old repair shop, where he helped fix computers and jailbreak iPhones between writing assignments and school work. When he first got his hands on a MacBook, it was love at first site. Today, he and his trusty MBP M1 are on a mission to help people around the world become better technology users through how-to guides, software reviews, and other content.

Robert Agar

Robert AgarRobert Agar is a freelance writer with a CS degree from Pace University in New York and more than 30 years of experience in compliance, data storage, and security. Here at AppleNApps, he uses his extensive IT background to produce content that’s just as approachable as it is comprehensive.

Romana LevkoRomana Levko is a seasoned content writer specializing in tech-related topics. Over the past few years, she’s been creating how-to guides, tutorials, and explainers to help others get a better grasp on complex matters such as data recovery and cybersecurity. She knows her way around any tech device, but her primary area of interest is and has always been Apple products, with Macs being her all-time favorite one.

Apple releases dozens of new products every year, and it can get confusing for Apple product lovers to differentiate between some of these products. It will be a lot easier for you to identify similar Apple products; hence you wouldn’t make mistakes in choosing the wrong one. In addition to following trends and reporting them as early as possible, we also encourage our readers to comment and send suggestions on areas where we can make improvements.