iOS 17 Beta 6: A Comprehensive Overview

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The tech world is abuzz with the recent release of iOS 17 beta 6, which has been made available to developers and the public. This release is accompanied by the launch of iPad OS 17 beta 6, Watch OS 10 beta 6, TV OS, and HomePod OS 17 beta 6. However, enthusiasts are still awaiting the release of Mac OS 14 beta 6.

ios 17 beta 6: a comprehensive overview

Key Features and Updates

  1. Update Size and Fixes: The latest beta version comes with an array of fixes, addressing several issues that were present in the previous versions.
  2. Phone Call Feature: A notable change is the relocation of the end button during phone calls. It is now situated at the bottom right, a move that is expected to be well-received by users. Additionally, the end button has found a new position in the middle.
  3. Aesthetic Changes: The wallpaper has been revamped to align with the iOS 17 theme.
  4. Settings and Customization: Users can now toggle the enablement of message apps. The Bluetooth settings display a key symbol, indicating a connection to a vehicle. Furthermore, shortcuts have been introduced to toggle a cellular plan.
  5. Wi-Fi Calling on iPad: Some users have reported that their iPads prompt them to activate Wi-Fi calling. However, this feature seems to turn off intermittently.
  6. Apple Pay Cash in Europe: European users might notice Apple Pay Cash in their Apple Wallet app. However, its activation remains a challenge for users in certain countries.
  7. App Updates: Several apps, including Photos, Health, and Freeform, have introduced splash screens and new features.

Performance and Stability

The commitment of Apple to enhance the user experience is evident in the reduction of known issues from 77 to a mere 10 categories. Conversely, the resolved issues have surged from 17 to 79 categories. Specific fixes have been implemented for Airdrop, Carplay, and FaceTime. The camera has also seen improvements, with reduced overheating and enhanced exposure. While the stability of devices seems to have improved, with fewer crashes and smoother performance, a persistent notification bug from iOS 16 remains unresolved.

Battery Life

The battery performance of devices with the beta version of iOS 17 has been a topic of discussion. Some users have observed a slight decline in battery health and a rapid battery drain, necessitating multiple charges a day. However, there’s a silver lining as the battery life appears to have improved slightly from the previous beta version.

Upcoming Releases

The tech community is eagerly anticipating the release of iOS 17 beta 7, expected to drop next week. With the final release likely to coincide with an Apple event on the 12th, the public can expect the full version by the 18th. This might be in tandem with the unveiling of the iPhone 14 or 15 on the 22nd. There’s also speculation about the imminent release of iOS 16.6.1.

Benchmark Analysis

A comparative analysis between iOS 17 beta 5 and beta 6 revealed improved multi-core scores. However, the single-core performance witnessed a slight dip.


The iOS 17 beta 6 release showcases Apple’s dedication to refining user experience and addressing prevalent issues. While the beta version offers a glimpse into the enhanced features and improved stability, users are advised to exercise caution and maintain backups to safeguard against potential bugs. The tech community remains on the edge of their seats, awaiting further updates and the final release.

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