Moment Introduces Advanced T-Series Lenses for Modern iPhones

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Moment, a leading name in the realm of photography accessories, has unveiled its third-generation T-Series lenses. Tailored explicitly for the latest iPhones, these accessories promise enhanced photography and videography experiences for users. This introduction marks Moment’s first update to their iPhone lens offerings since the iPhone 7 was released in 2017.

Key Features of the T-Series Lenses:

  1. Anamorphic Lenses:
    • 1.33x: Captures videos and photos with a cinematic flair. Users can opt between gold and blue flare effects. The gold flare produces rich, golden hues, while the blue flare evokes a nostalgic 1960s cinematic feel. This lens ensures minimized distortion.
    • 1.55x: This version provides an even more pronounced cinematic effect for videos. Both anamorphic lenses boast a 20% broader aperture than their M-series counterparts, ensuring better low-light performance.
  2. 58mm Telephoto: This lens facilitates 2x optical zoom and is compatible with the in-built telephoto lens on Apple’s Pro iPhones. A 4x zoom can also be achieved using the proprietary Moment app.
  3. Wide and Ultra-Wide Lenses:
    • 18mm Wide: Provides a field of view akin to the iPhone’s Ultra-Wide camera, yet reduces distortion. When paired with the Ultra Wide camera, it yields even more expansive shots.
    • 14mm Fisheye: Offers an impressive 200-degree field of view. Designed to harness the full image sensor on newer iPhones, it ensures no dark corners or vignetting. However, as is typical with fisheye lenses, some distortion is expected.
  4. 10x Macro: Ideal for close-ups, this lens captures intricate details of tiny objects from just an inch away, surpassing the iPhone’s in-built macro capabilities.

Compatibility and Ordering:

For these lenses to fit seamlessly, users must equip their iPhones with a compatible Moment case. Moment has released cases for the newest iPhone versions and has teased support for the anticipated iPhone 15. They’ve also initiated a pre-order system that includes an iPhone 15 case option.

Owners of the previous generation M-Series lenses from Moment are in for a treat. The company has rolled out a trade-in program, offering up to $50 in store credit for each M-Series lens. This credit can then be used to purchase the new T-Series lenses.

Prospective buyers can place their orders for the T-Series lenses on Moment’s official website. Shipping is slated to commence on September 7.

In conclusion, with these innovative lenses, Moment continues its legacy of enhancing mobile photography, bridging the gap between smartphones and professional cameras. Whether you’re an amateur enthusiast or a seasoned photographer, the T-Series promises to elevate your iPhone photography game.

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