Can You Play Overwatch On Mac? An Overview And Guide On Playing Overwatch

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The Overwatch game is a fantastic simulation game every player wants to relish, but there have been compatibility issues on some computer operating systems. Overwatch is a game developed in 2016, and it is a team-based and multi-player game that requires a first-person shooter. The game was published and launched by Blizzard Entertainment. The Overwatch is primarily compatible with Microsoft Windows PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. There have been serious issues with the availability of this game on Mac devices. 

So, Can You Play Overwatch on Mac?

No, unless you use an emulator such as a Boot camp. This emulator will allow you to play Overwatch and many other Windows-exclusive games on a Mac computer. 

Can You Download Overwatch On Mac?

No. You can, however, make this possible by installing Windows on your Mac before you can download the Overwatch game. This can be quite a lengthy process, but you can install and play your game with ease once done. Keep in mind that the developers of Overwatch- Blizzards have developed some other games that run on the OSX. Diablo3, StarCraft 2, and Hearthstone are a few of the new games offered by Blizzard. 

According to the management of Blizzard, there is no Overwatch for Mac because Apple does not give enough support for the gaming platform but intends to make it possible for Mac users to have the game in the nearest future. 

It is also overwhelming to run the Overwatch game on the current technology on Mac devices. This means that the only way to download the game is through Apple Bootcamp software. 

Keep in mind that the Overwatch game is still not free when you download Bootcamp to play on Mac. It does not matter whether you are playing the game on a console or Mac PC. 

The Legendary Edition of the Overwatch game comes with several perks and benefits, including the Hero skins and many other in-game items. You can buy the standard edition for around $19.99 once you have downloaded it on your Mac. The Legendary Edition goes for $39.99. Keep in mind you might have to buy Windows License, which may cost you extra. Though you don’t have to pay for a Windows license, you will see watermarks on the bottom right corner of the screen asking you to activate Windows. 

What Are The System Requirements For Downloading Overwatch On Your Mac?

There are several requirements your Mac computer must meet for the Overwatch game to load and play successfully on it.

The number one requirement is that your Mac computer must have a minimum of 6GB RAM space. You may want to upgrade the RAM of your MAC computer before downloading and installing the game. 

The game is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 64 Bit. You should also consider upgrading your Windows platform if you are not using Mac. As mentioned earlier, you will need a Windows Bootcamp to download the Overwatch game if you have a Mac computer. 

Another requirement your Mac computer must meet is the video player minimum requirement. Intel Graphics 4400 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or ATI Radeon HD 4850 are the minimum video requirements for the gaming platform.

To enjoy the immersive experience, you will need a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 display. Regarding the processor, a minimum of Intel Core i3 or AMD Phenom X3 8650 Aare recommended.

A minimum of 30GB of hard disk space is also recommended to download and install the game on your Mac. You will need a reliable broadband internet connection to play the game easily. 

According to the official website of this game, the manufacturer has recommended that you will need a minimum of 8GB RAM to play the game in 2021 due to upgrades conducted to enhance the game. 

Assuming you have the 2012 MacBook version with 4GB of RAM, you will have to upgrade that to meet the requirement for this game. Keep in mind that Intel HD 4000 will not pass the minimum requirement to download and install the game. 

How To Play Overwatch Game On Mac 

Overwatch is not a heavy game and should be easy to run on your Mac computer. 

The first step is to meet the Minimum Requirements for Windows Bootcamp Installation

The minimum requirement for the Windows Bootcamp that you must install is; MacBook 2015 edition or newer, iMac 2012 or more recent version, MacBook Air 2012 or newer version, all models of iMac Pro, MacBook Pro2012 or more contemporary, Mac Pro 2013 or newer versions, and Mac Mini 2012 or newer versions. 

1. Purchase Windows license key

You might want to purchase the Windows license key first before you proceed with other procedures. You will need to install the windows by providing this key. With this key, you wouldn’t receive those annoying Windows watermarks on your gaming page. 

2. Choose Your Settings

Though the game can perform moderately at a low resolution of 720p and low graphics quality, you still need to check whether you can improve these features on your computer setting. 

Using Parallels To Run Overwatch Game On Your Mac

Parallels can be the easiest way of running Windows on Mac computers. With Parallels, there will be no need to reboot your computer, and will provide access to both Mac OS and Windows operating systems at the same time. 

Parallels are fast enough to run games at a great speed, and that is why you should install them for Overwatch gaming. They can also work directly with Blizzard- the manufacturer of Overwatch to provide a great gaming experience. 

Unfortunately, running two operating systems for Overwatch can become a huge burden, hence you should use Bootcamp from Windows for this purpose.

Windows is the safest bet because Bootcamp will allow you to run Windows on a Mac computer the way any other computer will run Windows. If you want the best performance on Mac system when playing Overwatch, you should go for Bootcamp straight away. With Bootcamp, for instance, your 27” iMac will run Overwatch game at 177 FPS. This also means that you can run the game successfully even on medium settings. It also means you can run your Overwatch game at 1080p or higher resolution.

Are There Other Methods Or Options To Bootcamp For Running Overwatch?

Streaming or wine are two other options of playing Overwatch on your Mac computer. Both Wine and streaming will work but Wine option can become complicated, especially for first-time users. Streaming on the other hand is very expensive. Whatever the system you choose to run Overwatch, make sure your Mac computer meets all requirements for the game. 

What Are The Best Overwatch Game Alternatives You Should Consider?

There are a wide range of Overwatch game you should consider, and these are the game’s closest competitors. The following are some alternatives to Overwatch game;

1. The Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is considered the best overall alternative to Overwatch. It was developed and launched in 2012 and it belongs to the Coop genre. To download and install this game, you need a Mac system with no less than 20 GB of hard disk or SSD storage, and a RAM size of 4GB minimum. This game is not highly demanding on your Mac computer. Users have rated this game as a maximum 5 out of 5. 

2. Counter-Strike:

Go- This game is considered the best for Mac systems and not overall. Also released in 2012, this gaming platform belongs to the competitive genre where you compete with others, and that makes it even more interesting. This game doesn’t require much from your computer system, you need a RAM of 4GB size, and a hard disk memory space of around 30GB to download and install it. The game has a maximum rating overall of 4 out of a possible 5. 

3. Fortnite:

This game belongs to the Battle Royale genre and it is considered as a fairly demanding platform on your Mac computer. You need a RAM size of up to 6GB to play this game efficiently, though lower RAM sizes can also work efficiently. You also need a 30GB hard drive or SSD memory space to download and install it. The game was released in 2017 and has since become one of the best alternatives to Overwatch.


Overwatch has become one of the most downloaded games on Windows and Mac computer users are finding alternative means to download the game and make it functional on their computers. As mentioned earlier, using a Bootcamp is the best and easiest way of playing Overwatch game on a Mac computer. You should be prepared to pay a Windows license fee if you don’t want some annoying adverts and watermarks while playing the game. It would be best if you also watched out for the constant updates that may pop up during or after playing the Overwatch games; these updates will enhance user experience in the long run. 

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