Can You Use A Mac As A Monitor For PS4? This Post Explains Everything 

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Gamers are always seeking ways to enhance the gaming experience. And it’s not their fault. When you have an incredible game like the PS4, you may also think the same way. 

If you own a Mac and a PS4 and desire to use the former as a monitor, you’re not alone. Most gamers may have had such thoughts or tried it at some point. 

Nevertheless, before you make such a decision, a little bit of research will help you make an informed decision. 

So, back to the question! 

Can you use a Mac as a monitor for PS4? 

You can’t, at least not without a proper setup. You can use an HDMI cable with a Mac screen but not an iMac because it doesn’t support HDMI (no video input). 

This post contains useful information on this topic. Please read on:

What Are The Challenges In Using PS4 HDMI On Your Mac? 

Plugging in a PS4 is uncomplicated if you have a regular monitor setup with HDMI connections. If your monitor only has one HDMI port, you can use a splitter to switch between your computer and the console. 

If your monitor has two HDMI ports, connect your PS4 to the second and toggle between inputs. You’re probably rejoicing over the fact that your Mac has an HDMI port; sadly, it isn’t the same as the monitor. Computer’s HDMI ports are usually distinct from the ones found on a monitor. 

The HDMI ports in a monitor listen for information because its basic function is to display information. The HDMI ports on your laptop or Mac, on the other hand, are for sending data.

As a result, nothing will happen if you plug your PS4’s HDMI cable into the HDMI port. This inaction is because your laptop is trying to send information/data down the HDMI port, which is the opposite of where your PS4 is trying to send its data. In simpler terms, they are both sending data in directions that would cause a crash. 

How To Play PS4 On Your Mac Or laptop 

Don’t feet yet! You can use PS4 remote play to play PS4 games on a laptop or a Mac. The PS4 remote play is an app on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. 

The main function of this app is for you to connect to your PS4 remotely. It works best if you have a fast Internet connection. It might be strange to see your PS4 come on without any obvious connection. But once it’s functional, it is possible to view and play games from any device with your PS4 screen. 

Download PS4 remote play from the website to use it on your device. While you’re waiting, find a USB cable and a PS4 controller and plug them into your system. While you can navigate your PS4 with your keyboard, you can only move with the arrow keys, confirm things with “Enter,” and go back with Esc. 

Once the app has been downloaded, launch it and sign in with your PS4 credentials. Then, click Begin to look for your PS4. If the app finds it, it will activate your console and display a feed. If you’re close to your PS4 at the time, it should beep and boot up “on its own.” 

You can now play games with your PS4 controller or navigate menus with the keyboard.

How To Connect Your PS4 Controller To Your Windows 10

PC gamers understand that the best gaming experiences happen on our machines. The old worries that it’s difficult to use gamepads with a PC no longer hold water. 

The PS4 support for the controller that Steam has in its platform has made the worries about gamepads and PC null. The support allows your DualShock 4 to function with different games that support the use of gamepads. 

There are several ways to connect your PS4 controller to your PC. Here they are: 

Connecting your PS4 controller via USB: 

With a micro USB cable, you can use your PS4 controller with your PC. Not having Bluetooth is no longer a problem. 

Connecting your PS4 controller via Bluetooth: 

  • Click the Start button. 
  • Type Bluetooth and select “Bluetooth settings.” 
  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in the new window. 
  • Connect the two devices 
  • On the DualShock 4, Long press the share and Ps buttons; do this till the light on it begins to flash. The controller should be off as well. 
  • On your PC, check the window that reads manage Bluetooth devices. Your controller should be visible as a wireless controller. You can then choose any combination of passcodes. 

Your controller is now connected, and you can play any game that supports the PS4 controller and any emulator-based game. It’s worth noting that the vast majority of Steam games only work with Xbox controllers. You will learn more in this post.

Use your PS4 controller on Steam:

So, now that you’ve registered your PS4 controller for Windows, you can now open Steam. It will automatically allow your games to function with the PS4 controllers, even if they curated them to work with Xbox controllers. 

Even games that don’t generally support the use of gamepads can get played with your PS4 controller. To do so,

  • Launch Big Picture mode; the icon “gamepad in the upper right corner of the Steam window
  • Navigate to “Settings -> Controller Settings” and enable “PS4 Configuration Support.”
  • Select a game in your library that doesn’t support controllers in Big Picture mode, then go to “Manage Game” in the pane on the left, then “Controller Configuration.”

 You’ll be able to configure custom PS4 controls for your keyboard-and-mouse game here. Bring on the Civilization or Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind gamepad sessions! 

Using Your PS4 As Xinput And Xbox Controller

It’s less of an issue than it once was. However, several games support PS4 but not Xbox and vice versa. 

To maximize your PS4 controller’s compatibility, trick your windows device into believing you’re using an Xbox by registering your controller as Xinput.

DS4Windows, an open-source app that allows you to use a PS4 as a Xinput controller interchangeably, is the best tool for this. 

Open DS4Windows after connecting your PS4 controller via Bluetooth or USB, and it will automatically convert your PS4 controller to a Xinput controller. 

Ds4windows 2 is a graphical user interface (GUI) for Windows. 

In DS4Windows, you can experiment with things. For example, switching your mouse for the PS4 trackpad on your PC, changing the colors of the controller light, making it flash when your battery is low, and so on. Play with it a little. It’s a fantastic tool.

How Do I Turn Off My PS4? 

When you’re finished gaming, you might be tempted to click the cross in the upper-right corner of the window. However, doing so only closes the remote connection to the console; the console itself will continue to run. 

To turn off the PS4, press the PlayStation button and go to the power options menu. This process is simple with a PS4 controller; it’s the shiny button in the center with the PlayStation logo on it. Without a controller, wiggle the mouse over the window to bring up the bottom bar and click the logo’s middle button.

That’s all there is to it! You’re now playing on the best gaming platform in the world with the best gamepad in the world. And what better way to celebrate than by playing PS1 games on your PC or, if your PC is capable, PS3 games on your PC?

How To Connect A PS4 Controller To Your Android Device

Connecting your PS4 controllers to your device couldn’t be easier: do the same thing you’d do with any other Bluetooth device you want to connect. To begin, turn on Bluetooth on your device, navigate to the Bluetooth menu (in the Quick Menu or the “Settings menu -> connected devices”). 

Press the “Pair new device” icon in the Connected Devices menu. This action would allow the phone to search for available Bluetooth devices. The icons may appear differently on different Android devices. Some devices display “Search” rather than “Pair new device.”

Next, long-press the PlayStation and share button on your PS4 controller until the controller’s light starts to flash, indicating that it looks for Bluetooth devices. 

Press the “create and PlayStation” buttons on the PS4 controller. It is in the same location. 

Your controller should appear as a “Wireless Controller” on the “Pair new device” screen. To connect the controller to your Android device, tap it. You are now officially connected, and you can now use the controller to navigate your Android home screens and play games.

How To Play Android Games Using PS4 Controllers 

This process will vary depending on the game, but in general, games compatible with the controller should find your controller and automatically map the appropriate buttons to it. 

If the default layout doesn’t suit you, you should remap the controls in every game. The different emulator allows you to do so, so that shouldn’t be a problem.


You can have a wholesome gaming experience with your monitor if you want. This post is an overview of how you can use your Mac and other devices for your gaming pleasure. You can study the processes to make an informed decision on which to use so that you can boost your gaming experience. 

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