Difference Between iPad 2 And iPad Air 2- Product Guide 

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Both iPad 2 and iPad Air 2 are flagship iPad devices released for users; they share similar and different features. For instance, iPad Air 2 is the second-generation iPad Air tablet, and it is relatively superior to the iPad 2 in many ways. You can compare both iPad 2 and iPad Air 2 in different ways, and these include the weight, processor speed, memory, and general body design. It is essential to note these features, especially when you are buying the device for the first time. 

So what is the Difference Between iPad 2 and iPad Air 2?

In Addition to the substantial weight difference, iPad Air 2 is about one-third of a pound weightier than the iPad 2. 

What Are The Main Features Of iPad 2?

Apple iPad 2 comes with several unique features that stand it out from other iPad products. It is a 3G whole tablet with an Apple A5 chipset. It comes with a 0.7MP primary camera located at the front, and a 6930 mAh battery powers it.

The iPad also has a 512 MB RAM internal memory, plus an IPS LCD. The device was released in March 2011 but has since been discontinued by Apple. It weighs 601g and measures 8.8mm in thickness. This device comes with scratch-resistant glass in the front plus an oleophobic coating. 

The device is powered by Apple IOS 4 that is upgradable to IOS 9.3.5. It also comes with a GPU size of PowerVR SGX543MP2. There is no memory card slot here, but internal memory can vary from 32GB to 64GB. 

It comes with a video resolution of 720p, and you can also find a loudspeaker and 3.5mm jack. It has an in-built Bluetooth 2.1 but comes with no radio and GPS. This device comes with USB 2.0 connectivity. 

IPad 2 comes with the HTML Safari browser, though you can download any other browser on the device. The non-removable 6930 Li-Po battery provides up to 10 hours of power even when you watch videos. It also comes with a standby power time of up to 720 hours. 

The device comes in either black or white color, and there are three models: iPad 2.1, iPad 2.4, and A1395. 

What Are The Main Features Of iPad Air 2?

IPad Air 2 was released on October 24, 2014, three years after iPad 2. The product weighs 437g. A 6.1mm thickness characterizes it, and it is powered by IOS 8.1, which you can upgrade to IOS 14.6.

IPad Air 2 comes with varieties of memory sizes, and these are 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Just like the iPad 2, the iPad Air 2 has no card slot. It comes with 2GB RAM that adds to its speed. 

With 7340 mAh battery power, this device can power more than 15 hours of operations. The iPad comes with an aluminum back and frame plus an IPS LCD. There is a scratch-resistant glass plus oleophobic coating on this device which is also found in iPad 2. 

A triple-core CPU 1.5 GHz Typhoon powers this device, and it is super faster than any of its predecessors. 

What Are The Other Differences between IPad 2 And iPad Air 2?

You can compare Apple iPad 2 and iPad Air 2 in many ways; these include; The Camera resolution, prices, memory sizes, and battery life. 

1. Performance

Performance in iPad Air 2 is boosted by the replacement of Dual-core processor with Apple A8X processor. Though the dual-core processor in iPad 2 seems pretty fast, you cannot compare it with the A8X processor in Air 2. The Apple iPad Air 2 is almost 50% faster than the iPad 2, which is a significant difference in speed. This will also depend mainly on memory size and the number of files on both devices. 

Unlike the dual-core CPU in iPad 2, there is a triple-core, 1.5GHz typhoon CPU in the iPad 2 Air. 

2. Camera Resolution

Unfortunately, the screen resolution on both iPad 2 and Air 2 is relatively low. Still, the Air 2 version comes with an 8mp resolution compared to the 0.7 MP resolution on the camera found on iPad 2. This means Air 2 version will still take better pictures with moderately good quality. iPad 2 Air has a screen resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels.

3. Battery

Battery size and power is another feature where iPad Air 2 beats the iPad 2 hands down. Though the Difference is not that huge, it still makes a huge difference. IPad Air 2 comes with a battery size of 7340 mAh, while iPad 2 spots a battery size of 6930 mAh. Both devices can support more than a day of operations when fully charged. 

4. Memory

IPad 2 is limited to a maximum memory size of 64GB, while iPad Air 2 comes in 16GB, 32 GB, 64GB, and 128 GB. The RAM on this device seems to be too little for many users, while the chipset is also considered weak. While the iPad 2 comes with 516MB memory, the iPad Air 2 comes with 2GB RAM.  

5. Weight

IPad Air 2 weighs 437g which is also half of the weight of the iPad 2. This makes the iPad Air 2 more lightweight than the iPad 2 despite having more modern features than its predecessor. The iPad Air 2 smaller weight might have responded to users’ request to have a device that would be easy to carry around. 

6. Connectivity

While iPad 2 comes with Bluetooth 2.0 version, iPad 2 Air comes with Bluetooth 4.0 version plus A2DP and EDR connectivity. 

Are There Similarities Between iPad 2 And iPad Air 2?

There are a few similarities between iPad 2 and iPad Air 2, such as the display size. Both iPad 2 and iPad Air 2 share the same display size of 9.7″ or 24.64 cm. Similarly, there are no card slots in both iPad models, and many customers find that strange. Scratch-resistant glass and oleophobic coating are also present in iPad Air 2. There is no radio feature in both of these devices, and similarly, there is no NFC. These two devices have since been discontinued, and they even have USB 2.0 connectivity. 

Using Your iPad Air 2- A Mini Guide 

The following steps are mini-guides to using your iPad Air 2. 

1. Setting Up Your iPad Air 2

Setting up your iPad Air 2 is not different from setting up any other iPad. To turn on the device, turn it on and follow the setup assistant to complete the process. The setup assistant can help you create a new Apple ID and connect your device to Wi-Fi internet. This assistant feature can help you set up iCloud and iCloud vital chains. You can also use the feature to activate certain features like location and activating your service provider on the device. 

To connect to Wi-Fi, look for the Wi-Fi logo or symbol, which is on the screen. From your iPad Air 2 home page, go to “Settings,” then click on “Wi-Fi,” select and click on a network that appears, and enter the password. You can’t join a Wi-Fi network if you don’t know the password. You can also use the iPad assistance feature to set up contacts, emails, and calendars

2. Syncing with iTunes

You will need the Wi-Fi internet to sync your photos, videos, documents, apps, and all other things to your iPad Air 2. Every iPad Air 2 owner will want to use iTunes at different times, but this is impossible until you sync the device with iTunes. Syncing will copy information from one computer onto your new iPad 2 Air. 

Connect the iPad Air 2 to the computer using a USB cable, and you will find iTunes on your computer. Select and click on the iPad and then click on the summary. Turn on the option that says “Sync with this iPad” over the Wi-Fi internet. IPad Air 2 should sync once the device is connected to a power source and a computer. 

To ensure that this syncing is always automatic, check the summary pane and set iTunes to sync immediately; simply, the iPad Air 2 is connected to a computer. 


Unfortunately, both iPad 2 and iPad Air 2 have been discontinued by Apple, but some people still have them around today. Fortunately, the operation of iPad 2 Air is similar to other iPad devices, except for some minor upgrades that have been carried out on most of its features and those that differentiate it from the rest. IPad Air 2 is thinner than its predecessor, it comes with a better camera and screen resolution, and it also has a far better battery that supports longer hours of operations. It is also possible to upgrade the IOS platform on each device though not all new IOS platforms are supported for an upgrade on both devices.

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