Does iPhone 5s Has Hotspot? (How to Turn On Hotspot on iPhone)

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How to Turn On Hotspot on iPhone

When you use your intelligent iPhone 5s as a hotspot, you can easily share the internet on the device with other internet-enabled devices and over Wi-Fi connectivity. To use your iPhone as a hotspot, you need to set up the device for internet sharing. You need to ensure that the device comes with the Hotspot feature, and you know the password and username to the W-Fi internet you want to connect to. You can also use the internet offered by a mobile service provider to set up a hotspot.

So, does the iPhone 5s have a Hotspot?
Yes, the iPhone 5s comes with a hotspot, especially when it has IOS 9.0 or higher operating system.

Using Your iPhone 5s For Hotspot – A Mini Guide

The following steps are essential in setting up iPhone 5s for Hotspot connectivity.

Step #1: Find “Personal Hotspot”

To find the hotspot on your iPhone 5s, click on “Settings,” then find the personal hit spot and click on it from the home page.

Step #2: Turn on the Wi-Fi Hotspot

Press on the indicator located next to “Personal hotspot” to switch on the function. To turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot, click on “Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.”

Step #3: Set Up the Wi-Fi Hotspot

Press the Wi-Fi password and then key in the password. Press done once you have entered the Wi-Fi password. With the password, you can encrypt access to your hotspot from unauthorized people.

Once the password issue is settled, return to the Home screen by pressing the Home screen button.

Step #4: Establish the connection from other devices to Your Wi-Fi Hotspot

This is the point where you have to test the connectivity of other devices to your hotspot. To do this, turn on the Wi-Fi, check the available network and then click on your Wi-Fi network, recognizable by name.

Put in the password of your Wi-Fi hotspot to establish a connection. Once a connection is established, you can access the internet from the other device.

Getting Started On iPhone 5s

The following steps can help you get started with your iPhone 5s.

Troubleshooting for certain issues

Many issues can occur with your iPhone 5s; one of these is a phone not switching on. A defective battery may be the number one suspect for this. In this case, you should go to the manufacturer’s website and see if you can change the battery.

In another case, the battery may be flat and need to be recharged. The simple solution to this issue is to connect the charger to the socket and your smartphone and see if the battery is charging.

If your phone doesn’t turn on correctly, you may have to press and hold the On/Off button until the phone is turned on.

A Guide to Sockets and Keys on the iPhone 5s

The On/Off button is located on the right top corner of your iPhone 5s, and you can turn it on to get the smartphone started. This button will also turn on the screen lock. You can also reject an incoming call by pressing the On/off button twice.

The home key is located at the center of the bottom area. Press this home key to go to the home screen button. To use the silent mode key, slide the key to the right or left to turn the silent mode on or off.

The socket is located in the middle of the bottom of the phone. Connect the data or charger cable to this socket and then to the wall outlet or computer to charge the phone. The headset socket is located at the end of the bottom of the phone. This is where you can make hands-free calls or listen to music.

Apps and Media Use

With the iPhone 5s, you can add several features and functionalities to your phone by downloading and installing apps from the app store. To install an app, you must set up your phone for internet connectivity before activating your Apple ID.

Find the App Store on your home screen, then click on it, then find an app by entering the name or function in the search box and click on search. Press the app you are looking for and click on “Get.” Click on “Install” to install the app. Press the home screen to return to the phone’s home screen.

Camera and Video Recorder Usage

To use the picture camera, turn on the camera by pressing on it from the home page. The camera will be automatically turned on, and you need to slide your finger to the right or left to select and capture the photo.

Turn on the flash by pressing the flash icon, and if it is on already, it will turn off. You may also turn HDR on or off by clicking on its icon. Point the camera lens at the object and press the “Take a picture” icon. Press the home button to return to the home screen.

The use of a video recorder is similar to the camera use. Turn on your video recorder and press the camera icon. Slide your finger to the left or right of the video screen, then press the video light icon to turn on or off the light. Point camera on object or event and hit the “Record video” option.

Press the red record button, which is a circular red button. Press the square red button to stop recording. Your video will be automatically saved. You may press the home button to return to the home screen.

Using Apple Music

Apple Music is the streaming feature on iPhone 5s and other iPhone models that allows you to create a Playlist, listen to the radio and even share Music, videos, and other files with your social media friends. To use the Apple Music feature, you must set up the internet on your phone and activate your Apple ID.

Press “Settings” on your home page, then press “Music” to find Music. It will direct you to a page and from here, turn on your Apple music. To turn on Apple music, press the indicator beside the “Show Apple Music.”

At the bottom of the page is the “iCloud music library,” press the indicator next to turn it on. Press on “Merge” on the page that comes up if you want to merge the music library on your iPhone 5s with the iCloud music library.

Press on the “Replace” option beneath “merge” if you prefer to replace the music library on your phone with the iCloud music library. Save your settings by pressing on “Settings.” You need to return to the home screen by pressing the Home button to create a Playlist. Press Music from the home page again, and at the bottom of the new page, click on “My music.” Press “Playlist” to start creating your Playlist.

Press Playlist and then press “New” before you add the name of your Playlist. Click on “Add song” to select a list of songs you want on your Playlist. You can use the search icon at the top to search for the song title and author of the Music you want to add to your Playlist. You need to search for one song after another and click on the dots beside the songs to add them to your Playlist. Once you press the dots beside the searched song, click on “Add to a playlist.”

To download new Music, you need to press the back button and press “My music.” Press on Playlist again, press the dots beside the Playlist, and then click on “Make available offline.” You may want to listen to the Music before downloading; in this case, press the Playlist and press the song you want to download.

To share your songs on Facebook or any other social media, click on dots beside the song’s title. Click on the share icon at the top, and from displayed options, click on “share song.” From the displayed social media, press on Facebook or Twitter. Press on “Posts,” and the Music will be automatically shared.

To listen to the streaming radio on your iPhone 5s, return to the home screen and click on “Radio.” Click on “Listen Now,” and this will display the radio channel, click on this to start listening to the radio. Return to the home screen when done.


For a comprehensive guide on using your iPhone 5s, you can refer to the Apple iPhone 5 website page. You can also connect with Apple customer care support online for technical and non-technical issues. IPhone 5s is one of the flagship smartphones from Apple with lots of features that make it still relevant today. Fortunately, you can upgrade the IOS platform to the latest IOS 14. Similarly, you can easily update old iPhone 5s apps and fix any bugs that are known to have existed before now. iPhone 5s is one of the older Apple smartphones that qualify for trade-ins in very few countries.

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