Downgrade IPhone 5 To IOS 6 – A Guide To Downgrading IPhone Operating System

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It appears there is no official way of downgrading your iPhone 5 or 5s from the higher operating system to the lower. This assertion is true if you try to downgrade to IOS 6 via the straightforward method, but there are some hacks that professional IT technicians have devised for this purpose. Though it is not advisable to downgrade your iPhone 5 IOS, some situations may warrant taking such actions. Keep in mind that Apple is still signing the IOS 10.3.3 version now; hence it might be impossible to achieve this downgrade straightforwardly. 

So, How do I Downgrade iPhone 5 to IOS 6?

You can perform an iPhone 5 IOS downgrade to IOS 6 with a Mac computer running Mac OS Mojave 20.14.6 version to downgrade the IOS. Of course, it would be best to have a downgrade tool or software for this purpose. 

Reasons Why You May Need To Downgrade iPhone 5 To IOS Version

There are several reasons why you should consider downgrading your iPhone 5 to IOS 6; these include speed and reliability. 

1. Speed

IOS 6 has an incredible speed that makes your iPhone 5 perform certain operations at a faster rate. The newer IOS 10.3.3 is quite cumbersome with several heavy components that can ridiculously slow down your device. If you are used to great speed on iPhone devices, perhaps you should consider downgrading to IOS 6.

2. Almost Zero Bugs

Unfortunately, iPhone IOS 10.3.3 version still has a few bugs it is dealing with, and Apple has been able to control this with lots of continuous updates. This type of issue has already been resolved in IOS 6, which was released much earlier. So you don’t have to deal with bugs when operating your iPhone on IOS 6 today. 

3. Reliability

IOS 6, just like some older IOS versions, is still believed to be more reliable than many newer versions. Since you have used IOS 6 before, you may find it a lot easier to operate than newer IOS versions, and that is a huge plus, especially if you are grappling with some complexities of IOS 13.3.3. 

Steps To Follow In Downgrading iPhone 5 To IOS 6 

The following steps are necessary to downgrade your iPhone 5 to IOS 6;

1. Connect your iPhone 5 to a Wi-Fi internet and then activate your Apple iPhone profile

You need an IPSW file as well as the N1ghtshade application, which is a third-party application. You can download these two online. Make sure your iPhone 5 is connected to your Apple computer via a USB cable. 

2. Use The N1ghtshade Application

Click and open the N1ghtshade application, and then click on “Other” before clicking on “Restore” from the next page. This will bring out a new option, and you need to click on “Select IPSW.” Scroll down the next page, and you will see a file labelled as iPhone 5.2, click on this, and a new page will show up. Next, click on “Start,” which will direct you to hold the power and home button for about 8 seconds. Wait for the downloading and uploading of all contents before you follow the remainder of the prompt. Your phone will automatically power itself up at this stage.

3. N1ghtshade Automatically Completed the Uploading of IOS 6

Allow the N1ghtshade application to complete the process of installing IOS 6 on your iPhone 5. It should indicate “ sending file system now” by the end of the sending of the file. You will also see a notification that the app is verifying “Restore,” and it checks File systems.

 You will see “Done” at the bottom of the N1ghtshade interface when the process is completed. Next, click on “back” and then click on “back” again before clicking on “boot tethered.” Finally, click on “start” and hold power and home buttons for about 8 seconds again. Your iPhone 5 will power up with the new IOS 6 installed. 

Keep in mind you may have to reboot your iPhone 5 several times while downgrading your IOS to version 6, and the current IOS version will automatically be removed. 

You may also use any other third-party IOS downgrading app you can find around, but you must ensure you download it from a trusted website. All third-party apps for this purpose usually follow the same procedure for the IOS downgrading; hence you should not have issues; if you do, please contact the app owner. 

You must also check the requirements for the download and operations of a third-party app used for this purpose. For example, some apps may require certain RAM and hardware storage space before storing them in your computer. 

What Are The Features And Specifications Of The IOS 6 Operating System? 

iPhone IOS 6 is an older version of the iPhone operating system, but it comes with great features that are still desirable today. The following are some of the critical features of IOS 6;

1. Improved Siri

Every iPhone user loves Siri, and this is one feature that provides voice-activated assistance that can help you do almost everything with your phone. From texting to searching the web, there are lots of expected Siri’s updates on IOS 6. In addition, the enhanced Siri on IOS6 will come in diverse languages, including English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, and Cantonese. Siri has also been improved in sports, restaurant services, giving directions, and movies. 

Improve Siri set the pace for many other applications such as Google voice command, and it is easy to see some closeness in features and components of the two apps. For example, Siri can assist your hands-free usage of the smartphone inside your car as you can retrieve phone numbers and different events. 

2. Enhanced IOS Maps

Enhanced IOS maps are another enhanced feature on IOS 6. Until the release of IOS 6, Google maps had remained the standard navigation app on iPhones. However, Apple has since split ways with its Android OS rivals- Google to introduce IOS maps, and this feature comes with many secondary features.

The IOS maps, for instance, provide a Turn-by-turn navigation system that is more detailed when giving directions. It also comes with vector-based graphics that deliver faster speed than the regular bitmap graphics. 

IOS maps provide business information cards for just every location, including reviews, ratings, and photos. All these things can help you discover more information about nearby restaurants. 

Siri integration and real-time traffic updates are also critical features of enhanced IOS maps in IOS 6. For example, with real-time traffic updates, you can easily find alternative routes when there is traffic holdup in some places. In addition, there is 3-D mapping in IOS maps. 

3. Social Media Integration

Most social media integration features like Facebook integration began with iPhone IOS 6. With Facebook integration, iPhone users can share photos, and videos, post updates and even check into different locations. 

With the social media integration, you can sync your social media friends and followers, calendar events, and contact information with your various Apple devices; hence you can retrieve such information even when you lose a device. Furthermore, this feature has led to an enhanced user interface that allows people to discover other mobile apps. 

Today, all major social media apps have been fully integrated into the IOS platform, and most of these transformations started with IOS6. However, Siri has remained one of the most essential features that made people stuck to iPhone and other Apple devices. 

4. Great Passbook Feature

IOS 6 has a cool new feature known as Passbook. This feature allows mobile users to keep track of boarding passes, loyalty cards and receipts, and electronic tickets that work with electronic bar codes. 

You can see a passbook as a virtual wallet or a travel document holder that you can use in many ways. For example, this app will put all your boarding passes and tickets, including airplane tickets, loyalty cards, and movie tickets, in one place. 

Instead of launching different apps on different instances to find the bar codes, you can use the IOS6 Passbook to handle all apps in one place. In subsequent versions of IOS, passbooks will become full electronic wallets for various financial transactions. It is also believed that new upgrades to this feature will include the use and transaction of cryptocurrencies as modes of payment. 


As mentioned earlier, you should not under any circumstance downgrade your IOS to the lower version for specific reasons. Lower versions of IOS may require even more updates than necessary, and you will be receiving too many of such. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to use two different operating systems on the same iPhone, unlike computers. The good news here is that it is possible to upgrade to the newest version of IOS even if you have downgraded to IOS 6. Regardless of how you see it, IOS 6 offers a great experience on any iPhone. 

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