MacBook Casing: How To Take Off Macbook Case

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Most people prefer buying protective cases for their MacBook rather than for their phones. Casing your MacBook will provide your MacBook with many benefits. However, it also has its flaws. Before you decide to put a protective case on your MacBook, there are things you should know.

You should first know how to put it on your MacBook without damaging your MacBook safely. The next thing you should also know is to take off the MacBook case without scratching your MacBook. When you buy a MacBook, there are things that you should first do even before you case your MacBook. By the time you finish reading this article, you will know everything about MacBook casing.

How To Take Off Macbook Case

MacBook case will bring you many benefits. Therefore you should know how to install and remove your MacBook case. Taking off your MacBook case is not a challenging task, but one needs to be careful. There are steps you can follow to take off your MacBook case without damaging anything successfully. Once you follow those steps to the latter, you will be good to go.

How To Install And Remove Your Macbook Case

MacBooks are expensive devices that need extra care. One way you can take good care of your MacBook is by installing a MacBook case. A case will prevent your MacBook from water drops, scratches, dust, and other harmful objects.

Moreover, a MacBook case can prevent thieves from stealing your MacBook, especially if you travel to an unsafe place a lot. Thieves will not know what is underneath the case; hence they will not steal it. Therefore it is essential you know how to put and take off your MacBook case.

How To Install Your Macbook Case

The first thing to do is to put a cloth under your MacBook. It will prevent your MacBook from getting scratched. Start by installing the upper case. The case has the hook areas on the bottom and the tulip areas on the top.

It would be best to start by placing the top case on your MacBook while placing your hook areas down. You will then hook the case into place by pressing it up. You will then grab your MacBook and press the tulip areas into place until you hear a clicking sound. It will confirm that you are doing it right. You can now go to the bottom case once the hook and tulip areas are perfectly in place.

Installing the bottom case is easy as it follows only one way, which is the contour of the bottom of your MacBook. Therefore place the bottom case to align with the shape of your MacBook. Once you set it, ensure that the hook areas hook the back of your MacBook. Then pick up the MacBook and press each of the tulip areas until they are in place.

How To Take Off Your Macbook Case

Most people find it hard to take off the top cover of their MacBook case. It is because they use their bare hands to remove it. It would be best if you look for something like a plastic wedge to remove the top cover.

The plastic wedge also helps in preventing your MacBook or your case from any damage and scratches. Moreover, it also makes taking the case off to be easy. Since you would be moving the MacBook around, you should put a cloth beneath your MacBook.

The first thing you will do is to place your plastic wedge into the space on your case. Then, you will slide it back and forth while going up and down until it starts coming off. You will then move to the bottom case and repeat the same process. The good thing about using a plastic wedge is it is faster to take the case off, and it causes no damage.

Benefits Of Installing A Case To Your Macbook

MacBook cases come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. What benefits do MacBook cases bring to your MacBook? Here are some of the common advantages of installing MacBook cases.

It Protects Your Macbook From Scratches And Damage

It is natural for people to move their MacBook around. As a result, it might get scratched or damaged in the process. Therefore installing a MacBook case will help prevent the scratches and damages that come with moving the MacBook around.

Protecting Your Macbook From Water Damage

One of the worst enemies of your MacBook is water. Therefore you should try as much as you can to prevent water from getting near your MacBook. Spilling liquids on your MacBook is not the only way you can cause water damage to your MacBook.

Your MacBook can also get water damage when you go to areas with extreme humidity. Therefore it is safe to install a MacBook case on your MacBook. Doing so can offer your MacBook a100% protection from water damage.

Protection From Dust

Another enemy of many electronic devices that most people do not see is dust. It is hard to detect dust getting into your MacBook since you cannot see it. Most MacBooks have in-built dust protection devices. However,  they cannot provide 100% protection.

However, you can 100% protect your MacBook from dust by installing a MacBook case on your MacBook.

It Is Easy And Safe To Carry Around

Most people fear carrying their MacBook around due to theft. However, thieves cannot steal what they cannot see. Installing a MacBook case to your MacBook will make it hard for thieves to detect the MacBook.

Other MacBook case models come with a laptop case where you can put your MacBook inside. MacBook case will make it easy to carry your MacBook around and make it safe.

Disadvantages Of Installing Macbook Case To Your Macbook

Despite the MacBook case bringing many benefits to your MacBook, it also comes with its flaws. The following are some of the cons of installing a MacBook case.

It Is Hard To Put The Macbook Case On And Off

One of the flaws of having a MacBook case is installing them and taking them off. Most people find it hard to install and take off the MacBook case. It might be a challenge for you to install the case because it is too strong. It is even harder to take off the case from your MacBook.

MacBook screens are sensitive and hence require extra care and vigilance. When choosing the protective MacBook case, you should factor in the sensitivity of your MacBook screen. Most of the Macbook cases end up damaging the screen.

Moreover, Most people end up damaging their MacBook when trying to take off the case. Therefore your first must learn how to install and take off the MacBook case before buying it. In addition, you should also choose the best MacBook case that will not cause any damage to your MacBook.


The design of MacBooks facilitates the MacBook to vent itself hence preventing overheating. When you close the vents on your MacBook, it will overheat, thus damaging your MacBook. Therefore you should ensure you do not block the vents.

Most of the MacBook cases block the vents on your MacBook hence causing overheating. It is hard to notice the overheating, thus damaging the internal components of your MacBook.

It Blocks Essential Ports On Your Macbook

Another disadvantage of installing MacBook cases is blocking your MacBook ports.  The design of most MacBook cases does not align with your MacBook ports. Therefore it makes you have difficulties in connecting your cables, USB drives, and more. When you Lack access to your MacBook ports, your MacBook becomes useless.

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Macbook Case

Before you buy a MacBook case for your MacBook, you should factor in the following.

Easy To Install And Take Off

You should ensure that the MacBook case you buy is not hard to put on and off. It should not be too strong so that it is easy to install and take off.

Full Ventilation

The MacBook that you buy should have spaces to allow full ventilation to prevent overheating. The MacBook case should not block the vents on your MacBook.

Ease Of Accessing Ports

Your MacBook should not be blocking your MacBook ports. It should have a design that allows you to use all the ports on your MacBook.

What Is The Best Macbook Case One Can Use?

The best MacBook for you depends on your needs and style preferences. However, there are two recommended cases you can select. There is the MOSISO case that is best suitable for casual users. There is also the Heavy-duty Protective Hard Shell Case for those who want ultimate protection for their MacBook.

Is Macbook Case A Necessity For Your Macbook?

It is not a must to have a MacBook case. However, it would be best if you got one since it will offer your MacBook protection. Having the correct MacBook case for your MacBook will bring more good than harm.


If you want your MacBook to have a long lifespan, you should ensure that you have your MacBook case. It will also bring you other more benefits. You can find a superb MacBook case that will meet your needs. However, before you buy a MacBook case, you should factor in the above considerations. If you follow the above steps in installing and taking off your MacBook case, you will not have any problems.


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