How To Unlock An iPhone 4 For Free- A Guide

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Though many options for unlocking iPhone 4 are considered illegal, you can still use them anyway if you desperately need to get the iPhone back working. If you have stolen an iPhone 4, you should rather return it instead of unlocking it because you may get caught in the process. You need to know what firmware your iPhone is running first because some basebands of iPhones cannot be unlocked. You must conduct this check before you take any further action. Keep in mind also that unlocking iPhone 4 may also cause you to lose the phone’s warranty. 

So How Can You Unlock iPhone 4 for Free

The easiest way to unlock iPhone 4 for free is to speak to your service network provider. The issue is usually resolved within 48 hours, depending on the network service provider. 

Other Options For Unlocking Your iPhone 4

There are several other unlocking options you may want to consider to unlock your iPhone 4, these are;

1. Use a Third-Party Unlocking Service

Another option you can take to unlock your iPhone 4 is to use a third-party app. It would be best if you were careful in this case to avoid using an app that has hidden malware that can crash your iPhone. Make sure you choose software from a reputable website only. Keep in mind the system requirements and the payable fee for unlocking iPhone 4 via a third-party app. 

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, click to launch it and select your current network and iPhone 4 s version from the drop-down menu from the home page. You will be provided with a list of service providers, the duration to unlock the iPhone 4, and the fee.

 You will be asked to leave a review when you are done selecting your choices. These reviews help others to differentiate between one service provider and the other.  

2. Unlock iPhone 4 Yourself, for Free

If you don’t have enough to pay for third service providers, you may unlock your iPhone 4 yourself for free. Unlocking your iPhone 4 for free involved the process referred to as “Jail-breaking,” which is also a process of opening the software up on the phone and running another software to perform the unlock service. 

The first step you must take is to check if there is an available unlock for your iPhone IOS and baseband, which is the current firmware of the phone. If you can’t find the baseband firmware of your iPhone 4, you must check for possible downgrade to your iPhone 4 firmware baseband. To check your iPhone 4 IOS and baseband, go to “setting,” click on it and go to “General,” and then click on “About.” 

For most unlocking, the supported version is iPhone 4 and higher, IOS 6, and baseband or above. This is the minimum requirement for jail-breaking iPhone 4. If you are going to downgrade, you must have a compatible iPhone 3 or 3s since newer models come with the same baseband. Once you install the software for jail-breaking, follow the prompt from the home page. 

How To Unlock iPhone 4 With Your Mobile Network

The first step you need to take is to choose the current mobile network you are currently using. Once you select your mobile network, the starting price and the maximum time in days to unlock the iPhone 4 will be displayed. Your network service provider will complete the process=within the stipulated time. 

Unlocking your iPhone 4 is similar to unlocking any other iPhone version and the following procedures apply; 

1. Find the original owner to unlock your iPhone

Perhaps the easiest way to unlock an iCloud-locked iPhone is to get the owner to open it. Since the original owner has the iCloud password, they should unlock the device with the password. Once the iPhone is unlocked and has removed their accounts from the device, you should be able to set up a new tab with a new iCloud account. 

The first step is to ask the iPhone owner to enter their password to unlock the phone, go to “Settings,” and then click on the owner’s name at the top. Scroll down after clicking on the owner’s name and click on “Sign out,” and they will sign the original owner out of the device. Sign back in with your new iCloud account.

2. Using Mobile Service Provider

When it comes to using mobile service providers for unlocking your iPhone 4, you should keep certain things in mind. This is perhaps one of the easiest options to unlocking iPhone 4. 

While mobile service providers have maximum fee and unblocking days, outside partners or third parties may not have a definite day to complete the unblocking. You may want to compare a few third party service providers before choosing the one that can meet your target or time frame.

Keep in mind that some third party companies are notorious for stealing customer information on iPhone 4 or any other iPhone for that matter. You may want to be there when they are unblocking the device. 

Mobile service providers do have contact numbers, and you need to pay attention to those if you want straightforward assistance to unlock your iPhone 4. Some mobile service providers will impose no charge if the iPhone 4 has been activated at no less than 12 months before blocking. If you decide to continue using the iPhone on a pre-paid plan, you may also get unblocking service for free. 

The fee for unblocking iPhone 4 may reduce depending on the contract agreement you have or the one you want to have with the mobile service provider. You will likely have to pay full unblocking fees if you are not negotiating any prepaid contract with the company. 

Is iPhone 4 Unlocking Safe And Legal?

Generally, iPhone 4 and other versions are designed with unlocking in the mind of manufacturers. Selling an iPhone that cannot be unlocked in many countries is prohibited. There are a wide range of unlocking methods that can achieve unlocking in iPhone 4 and using different codes to unlock the iPhone is strictly safe and legal. 

As soon as you connect or download and install a third party software to your iPhone 4 for unlocking, you may end up changing the settings that will affect the usability of the iPhone. The use of third party iPhone 4 unlocking software may render your warranty useless, as it may remove factory settings and make it impossible to claim any damages. 

A 2002 unlocking review policy indicates that unlocking iPhone 4 and other versions may not be illegal but can be dangerous. It is logical to say that locking a handset is completely legal . Mobile phone manufacturers and mobile service providers want you to buy iPhones from them and stick to a pre-paid plan so you can get stuck with them for several years. They therefore discourage locking iPhones and they will support the unlocking of such iPhones so that a new user may continue fulfilling the pre-paid plan.

As a customer, it is completely legal to unlock a locked iPhone 4 and even switch from one mobile service provider to another, as long as you are meeting up with the payments. 

In addition to the mobile service providers such as GSM networks, there are many other third party companies providing iPhone 4 unlocking services as third party agents. The practice of break-jailing iPhones and restoring them to factory setting is completely legal in many countries. This practice may also include the removal of all software that come pre-loaded in the iPhone. 

In a case of stolen iPhone 4, unlocking such a product is illegal in the USA. The MSISDN of a missing phone is normally recorded when they are reported stolen. The MSISDN is shared among network operators for the purpose of disconnecting the lines. When an iPhone 4 is thus unlocked, the specific identifier number is changed so that it can be used again. 

Unfortunately, most machines or devices used in locking iPhones will also unlock the devices. In some instances, many mobile phone service providers don’t cooperate with authorities and may end up not blocking a stolen iPhones from their network. 


From this guide, it is clear that having an iPhone 4 owner to unlock the device or using a mobile service provider are the best options. It is important to consider the legal implications of unlocking a stolen iPhone 4. You need to confirm such before you invest in any iPhone 4 you purchase from the street or someone you know. If found in possession of a stolen blocked iPhone 4, you may be liable to several months or years of imprisonment. It is also important that you pay attention to third party software for unblocking that you download on the internet. Many online third party software may infect your smartphone with malware that can corrupt your files.

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