iTunes Vs. Apple Music; The Best Choice For You

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Apple has come up with some fantastic products, both software, hardware, and entire devices. Some of the software Apple is known for includes Apple Music and iTunes, which you can find on iOS and macOS devices.

A user can’t help but compare these two products to see which one works best. When faced with a choice, you need to select one, and the only way you make the best choice is by having all the facts. Let’s get into it;

iTunes Vs. Apple Music 

iTunes is a comprehensive media player launched in January 2001, and it does a lot more than playing music. You can use it to stream videos, songs, apps, game shows, TV shows, movies, and so much more.

iTunes is also your online radio station through Beats 1, which works 24/7 to bring you the best and latest hits. You can go to the iTunes store and shop for eBooks, movies, and music that is not in your library.

If you need to upload music to your Apple device, then you need to have iTunes. Luckily, it is constantly updated to make sure you get the latest songs of the best quality from all over the world.

iTunes stores all your music on the cloud after your first purchase. This will help you conserve space on your mobile device and use it for something else. 

In addition to this, you will access the media files on any Apple device provided you can log into your account.

On the other hand, Apple Music is a music and video streaming service that was launched in June 2015. 

Apple Music offers you a collection of over 40 million songs to choose from and is guaranteed to have what you are looking for.

The Apple Music account is linked to your iTunes account; it will give you full and convenient access to all the media in your iTunes library. 

With Apple Music, you don’t legally own the songs you play on your device. Apple music offers its users a subscription-based streaming system. 

This arrangement implies that you have to pay a given amount of money to access the whole catalog available in Apple music.

Apple Music is configured to connect easily with USB, Bluetooth, and CarPlay to enable you to expand your library. 

Apple Music also allows you to upload your songs to get some users to listen and get yourself some fans.

If you had to choose between iTunes and Apple Music, iTunes would be a better choice due to its broader range of features. With iTunes, you will get movies and all other forms of media along with the music.

iTunes also gives you the freedom to make your albums and select the songs you like most. This freedom will make you enjoy music more as compared to having everything picked for you.

Differences Between iTunes And Apple  Music

iTunes and Apple music were both created by Apple for the same reasons, but we need to address some significant differences between them. Here are some of the most prolific differences between them;

  • iTunes is a comprehensive media platform that provides users with all kinds of media, including videos, movies, music, and even eBooks. On the other hand, Apple Music is a platform that is strictly made for streaming music, not any other form of media.
  • iTunes is usable as an offline and portable media player while Apple music has to be online, and it can’t be used as a portable music player.
  • iTunes allows you to import media files from your computer into your account, and they will be backed up in the cloud. This way, even if you accidentally or intentionally delete the files, you will have a backup ready to re-download.
  • iTunes offers users media which they can buy and download onto their devices. Apple Music only supports music streaming online, and it is charged per month depending on the user’s plan.
  • iTunes allows you to organize and manage your tracks in your library; you can even save them and sync them with other Apple devices or a computer. Apple music does not allow for any of these, all the songs are on the internet, and you can only search for and play them.

How To Upload Your Music To Apple Music

If you are a musician, have a single, or want to send an audio file to Apple music, you are in the right place. Other music streaming services make it easy for you don’t have to use a music distributor.

Apple Music is a paid music streaming platform, so you have to go through a music distributor. Different distributors offer many features, and you need to look into as many as possible before settling on one.

There are several music distributors, such as DistroKid and Tunecore, which are necessary for the upload. There are many more, and they differ in pricing both for uploads and payment of the artist.

You will upload your song to the music distributor, uploading it to Apple music as per your agreement. It might take between 3 days and seven days or more for the song to go on Apple music.

The time is affected by your location, the artist’s name, the number of songs you are uploading, and other minor factors. You should upload the music at least 3 or 4 weeks in advance to make sure that it is uploaded on time.

Another benefit of using a music distributor is that they will help with managing your music. They will create your artist page for you, and all you need to do is sign up to claim your artist account on Apple music.

Go to the music distributer’s website, for instance,, after the song is ready. Go to music and add the single or whatever number of songs you want to add to Apple music.

You will then need to provide more details about your song. The basics include the genre, name of the song, artist’s name, intended release date, and some others depending on the distributor you choose. 

Once you have entered all the information, the music distributor will take your song, and they will upload it to Apple music. You can go to your artist page to see how much money you are making and how well your music is selling.

How To Buy Or Download Music On iTunes 

If you are a new iPhone user, you might have problems buying or downloading songs from iTunes onto your device. It gets a lot simpler once you understand how everything works, so let’s get right into it;

Once you buy something, it will remain in your iTunes account, and it will be stored in the cloud. Anytime you log into your account on another device, you will see all your media on iTunes.

  1. Launch the iTunes store app on your mobile device and search for the media file you want to download. With iTunes, it could be any media file from movies, podcasts, or any other file.
  2. Search for the song you want, and here you can toggle between songs and all. ‘All’ includes movies, albums, videos, and anything else you can find on iTunes.
  3. When you find the song you are looking for, it will have an amount next to it, and you can click on the box to buy it. If the music is free, then it will say, “Get” in the box. If you already bought it, it will have a cloud, and it will be free.
  4. You can tap on the cover of the album or song and listen to a free 30-second clip of the song to make sure it’s the correct one.
  5. After the purchase is made, you can go to the Music app to listen to the songs or play them on iTunes. All songs you haven’t downloaded in the music player will have a red cloud next to them.

You can tap on the cloud to download the song; this way, it will be on your device, and you can even play it offline.


iTunes and Apple Music are two of the best music streaming platforms used on mobile devices. They were made to work together, but as more updates come along, Apple music seems to be making iTunes obsolete.

There are some differences in features and usage of iTunes and Apple Music, and each has some advantages. You can buy movies, songs, or entire albums on iTunes and save them on the cloud.

Even if you delete them from your device, they will still be available on the cloud, and you can re-download them for free. 

Apple Music also allows you to upload and sell your music on a global scale. All you need to do is get the right music distributor, and your songs will start making you some money.

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