MacBook Charger Hot: Is It Normal?

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The laptops do get fairly hot when running certain hardware and applications. To regulate this issue, the manufacturers install fans that help cool the laptops.

Unfortunately, at times the laptop charger tends to heat. A relatively warm charger is something very normal.

Charger warming mostly happens when the charger is plugged in a power source and the laptop is turned on.

But if the MacBook charger gets extremely hot to the point of being unsafe. Then something is wrong and precautionary measures have to be taken. Let’s look at the causes of overheating in MacBook chargers and the possible solutions.

MacBook Charger Hot

In MacBook, the charger tends to get hot if the laptop does complex tasks like gaming and graphics.

In a case where the laptop performs an ordinary task, the charger should certainly be warm and not hot. But if the charger becomes hot, it shouldn’t reach a point that it hurts when you hold it.

The Causes of Overheating In MacBook Chargers

Faulty Battery

A faulty battery is another possible cause of overheating. Old batteries do overwork the charger. It does work harder than it should push electric power into the cells of the battery. This, in turn, makes the charger overheat.

The good thing to do is check your MacBook battery status. Do this while the charger is attached.

If the battery status keeps switching between not charging and charging, then the battery is spoilt. Note that a faulty charger can also cause this switching issue.

Faulty Charger

It’s one of the common causes of overheating in MacBook chargers. Any tears and rips do affect the function of the charger.

The same applies to chargers with exposed wires.

Chargers with damages do have fluctuations in the amount of power they supply to the MacBook.

Power fluctuation does not only lead to overheating of the charger but can seriously damage the MacBook.

The Environment

It would be best if you always were keen on the environment you are using your laptop from. Other than the charger, the environment does affect several different components of the computer.

For example, a charger that is near a radiator will surely overheat. Be warry on any sources of heat around the charger. Their effect might lead to explosions.

The same will happen if the laptop sits beneath a blanket, carpet or anything that does not allow free airflow.

Unauthentic Charger

Ensure the charger you are pairing with your MacBook is the right one. If not, then this might be the reason behind overheating. The correct charger will maintain the right amount of voltage needed.

As much as the unauthentic charger can power the MacBook, it might have a lower voltage rating than the laptop’s requirement. It will certainly overheat because it’ll be working extra hard to meet the MacBook power needs.

Unauthentic Battery

An unauthentic battery is equally as problematic as an unauthentic charger. When purchasing a replacement battery, many people do not pay much attention to the current and power ratings of the battery.

They go with the battery that fits their laptop battery slot. If the rating of the battery is higher than that of the charger, the charger will overheat. Therefore always ensure the ratings are high to avoid certain complications.


If the charger has become so hot to the extent of causing burn injuries, then it’s not normal. Immediate precautionary steps should be taken.

There are several measures that you can take to ensure your MacBook Charger is not overheating.

They might not fully regulate the heating issue but will surely maintain the temperature at safe levels.

Proper Ventilation

The laptop charger should always be put in place with plenty of space. Refrain from putting it under clothing and blankets or a tightly enclosed area.

Ideally, put the charger on a flat and hard surface where there’s free airflow. The MacBook should also be placed on a flat and hard surface for proper ventilation. This reduces overworking of the MacBook fan.

Clean The Charger

It’s possible to find debris in the charger. That’s at the end part of the charger that plugs into the MacBook.

This is because the end is magnetic and can therefore attract small magnetic or metal debris. The debris interferes with the electrical connection.

Use Authentic Charger

The original MacBook charger can be quite costly. The price ranges somewhere around $50 and $80.

So many people do opt for the off-brand chargers, which are so cheap. You can find one for as low as $20.

However, using off-brand chargers is not a good idea. The imitation chargers can certainly damage your computer.

Repairing a damaged computer will be far more expensive than the genuine charger. So why risk saving some dollars that won’t be helpful in the long run.

I guess you know how the imitation chargers look like. Most of them look exactly like the original apple chargers.

The only thing they lack is the apple logo. In case you have an imitation charger, then it can be the cause of overheating. Stop using the imitation charger immediately.

Replace The Charger

Overheating is not a great thing. In extreme cases, the charger may emit a burning smell or even melt. At times the wires might burn or become fray.

If it reaches this point, you certainly need to replace the charger immediately. Do not use a charger that has these symptoms. You will be risking your MacBook’s life and yours too.

If your MacBook is still under warranty, “AppleCare” the charger will be replaced at no cost. In the case where your “AppleCare” is expired, you will have to pay for a new authentic charger.

Carry your MacBook with you to the Apple Store. You will get help from any of the representatives in the store.

The great thing is you might get a discount. You can also get a free charger if your particular model was recalled.

Use DIY Solutions

The standard precautionary measures are great. However, other things can be done to prevent overheating in the MacBook charger.

The first best DIY solution is to purchase a notebook radiator. It’s a device that you can plug into one of the USB slots in your MacBook. The notebook radiator has a fan that helps cool down your MacBook.

The second DIY solution is by plugging your MacBook charger into a lamp timer. The timer does have a female end at its front. You can then set the timer at thirty minutes intervals.

Therefore your charger will stop receiving power from the power source after every half an hour. Thirty minutes charge will give enough battery to work on your MacBook. Because the charger won’t be consistently receiving power, it will be able to stay much cooler.

Reduce Performance

Excessive laptop performance can lead to overheating of the MacBook charger. This can be solved by reducing the performance of the laptop.

It’s because the laptop might be using too much power than the charger is used to. You can reduce the performance by using the battery energy saver plan.

What Makes The MacBook Charger Warm?

The warming of the MacBook charger is something normal. The common cause of this issue is the block between the adaptor (that enters the MacBook) and the plug (power outlet).

How the block works are similar to the transformer. It does receive an electrical current from the power outlet. It then changes the electric voltage to match the power requirements of the MacBook.

The process of transforming the voltage does generate heat. This makes the transformer and the laptop plug warm.

Unplug The Charger Occasionally

This is a great way of maintaining the charger’s normal temperature. Unplug it occasionally to allow it to rest.

Most laptop batteries can last for hours after a single charge. Let your charger rest in those hours. During this time, keep the charger in a well-ventilated place to allow faster cooling.

Immediate Action When You Notice Overheating In MacBook Charger

The first thing to look at in a MacBook charger overheating is whether the battery is gaining any charge. The charger should be plugged into a power outlet.

If the battery is okay, the issue might be with the charger. But in case the battery is not charging, the problem can be the power connection, or the charger is faulty.

Check the end of the MacBook power cord for any damages. This includes things like break marks, bent pins, which indicate connector stress. In case of any damage, repair the laptop or replace the charger.

If the adapter is very hot, please turn off your computer immediately and unplug it from the power outlet. When you feel it has cooled down, plug it back in and turn on the laptop.

Keenly monitor the temperature of the charger. If it becomes hot again, try the above preventive measures. Alternatively, you can take the MacBook, and the charger to an Apple authorized repair shop.


It’s normal for the laptop chargers to become warm. This is because they are responsible for regulating the voltage that goes into the laptop. To meet the laptop demands.

However, it’s not normal for the laptop to overheat to the point that it can burn skin. If it does happen this way, then you have to investigate the charger and battery.

Ensure that they are okay so they do not cause further damages to the laptop. Also, check the laptop working environment.

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