MacBook Pro 128GB vs. 256GB: Detailed Comparison

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Are you interested in knowing more about the MacBook Pro 128GB vs. 256GB? You’re not alone. 

When buying a laptop, storage space matters a great deal. But because you can get an external hard drive with more storage space, many may consider the MacBook Pro 256GB a waste of money. 

However, a ton of factors comes into play when accessing a laptop. It’s not just about the storage space. One should also consider other crucial features before making a buying decision on a MacBook Pro. 

This article is on the MacBook Pro 128GB vs. 256 GB. We shall see which is more superior or offers value for the money. Keep reading!

The MacBook Pro 128GB VS 256GB: What Feature Sets Them Apart?

The MacBook Pro 128GB macOS laptop is one gadget that has been termed a beast. Even though Apple has since produced a range of other must-have macOS laptops, it doesn’t change the fact that the MacBook Pro 128GB and 256GB laptop are amazing gadgets.  

The MacBook Pro 256GB laptop is more like an upgrade on the MacBook Pro 128GB laptop. Still, most people would argue that it’s not entirely true. Diverse features still set the MacBook Pro 128GB laptop apart. Plus, the price is also appealing. 

But then, whatever your choice might be, before splashing the cash on any of the laptops above, have a read.  


We would expect the MacBook Pro 128GB macOS laptop to boasts a touchscreen at this price point. But it seems Apple had another plan. So, if you’re seeking a touchscreen macOS laptop, the Apple MacBook Pro 128GB laptop is not for you. In plain terms, it doesn’t have a touchscreen. 

On the other hand, the MacBook Pro 256GB laptop isn’t a touchscreen too. So, if that’s a reason you’re hoping to splash the cash on the MacBook 256GB, you can consider other options.  

RAM size:

Touchscreen is for luxury, but you can’t say the same about RAM. RAM determines a computer system’s performance. It offers applications somewhere to store and even have access to data, though for a short-term.   

Interestingly, the Apple MacBook Pro 128GB laptop boasts 8GB RAM, which is enough to run various applications seamlessly. 

Nothing is significant about the MacBook Pro 256GB laptop’s RAM. It’s still the same 8GB RAM as the MacBook Pro 128GB.  


If weight were a big deal, you would fancy the MacBook Pro 128GB. The laptop weighs 1.37kg, making it a breeze to transport. Generally, Apple’s MacBook laptops are lightweight. They are literarily lighter than a range of laptop brands out there. 

Interestingly, the MacBook Pro 256GB laptop weighs more than the MacBook Pro 128GB laptop. The former weighs 1.40kg.  

Display Size:

This laptop’s display is 13.30 inches, which is wide enough and conducive for most people’s use. It will also interest you to know that the MacBook Pro 256GB laptop has a 13.30-inch display. 

So, there’s no difference between both device’s displays. Therefore, if the display were the reason you’re gunning for the MacBook Pro 256GB laptop, think twice. You’ll be better off with the MacBook Pro 128GB laptop, given its low price point.   

Display Resolution:

Display resolution talks about your videos, images, and texts’ clarity when displayed on the laptop screen. And don’t forget that the higher the resolution, the better or clear the objects. 

The MacBook Pro 128GB laptop’s display resolution is 2560 x 1600, the same as the MacBook Pro 256GB. 


Graphics cards can have a significant impact on a laptop. It determines its speed, performance, video experience, driver support, memory usage, and even cost. A higher graphics card is always better. 

The MacBook Pro 128GB laptop boasts an impressive graphics card for the price. It features the Intel Integrated Iris Plus Graphics 640, which can run a range of games. But you won’t get the most desirable output when you run high-end games. 

The MacBook Pro 256GB laptop, on the other hand, is slightly above the MacBook Pro 128GB laptop in graphics card size. It boasts the Intel Integrated Iris Plus Graphics 645, enabling it to deliver solid gaming performance. 

A Handy Tip: Most people may be wondering why the MacBook Pro 256GB gaming performance is better and quite solid than the MacBook Pro 128GB laptop.

The thing is, the graphics card isn’t the only thing that matters in this regard. The laptop’s HDD and storage memory plays a crucial role. So, low HDD and memory will result in poor or reduced gaming performance a bit.    

So, if you’re an avid gamer, you may want to consider splashing the cash on the MacBook Pro 256GB laptop. However, keep in mind that the MacBook Pro laptop isn’t built for gaming. Programmers, video editors, graphics designers, music producers, and web surfers would find the computer valuable.  

Battery Life:

Battery capacity is an essential feature to consider when buying a laptop. And it’s fair to say that a laptop the price of Apple’s MacBook Pro 128GB should boast an impressive battery capacity. 

Sincerely, Apple didn’t let users down on battery life. The MacBook Pro 128GB laptop can last for 10 hours when fully charged. But that’s subject to the program you’re running. If you only surf the web, the battery could last longer.

In the area of battery life, the MacBook Pro 256GB laptop stands out. The battery can last up to 20 hours, a feature that sets it apart. Again, that depends on the application you’re running. You can’t expect to run heavy apps all through and expect the battery to last for 20 hours. 

Bluetooth version:

Bluetooth is another feature that differentiates the MacBook Pro 128GB from the MacBook Pro 256GB. But before you get excited, note that the latter boasts higher Bluetooth speed. 

The MacBook Pro 128GB laptop’s Bluetooth version is 4.2, while the Bluetooth version of the MacBook Pro 256GB is 5. 

Burst clock speed:

The burst clock speed also exposes the difference between both laptop series. The MacBook Pro 128GB laptop’s burst clock speed is 3.6GHz, while the MacBook Pro’s burst speed is 3.9GHz.


At the time of writing, the MacBook 120GB laptop cost $849, while the MacBook Pro 256GB laptop goes for $1,099.  

Storage space:

The storage space is the bone of contention of this comparison. So, it would make sense to talk about it a bit. The comparison is between the MacBook Pro 128GB and the MacBook Pro 256GB. So, as you can see, the latter has more storage space than the former.  

MacBook Pro 128GB Vs. 256GB: Which Is Ideal For You?

We have examined the features of the two MacBook Pro laptops. And you can see that the MacBook Pro 256GB macOS laptop is superior or boasts similar features to the MacBook Pro 128GB laptop. 

But regarding price, the MacBook Pro 128GB laptop is cheaper. However, one major drawback the laptop has is storage space. The 128GB storage space would get filled up quickly. Thus, if you’re the type of user that enjoys storing hefty files and movies, you may not fancy the MacBook Pro 128GB laptop. 

However, you can solve the issue of storage space by making a little investment. One of them is by splashing the cash on an external hard drive. You can buy a 1TB or 2TB hard drive. The choice is yours to make. You can also take advantage of iCloud to help store large files. 

Finally, it would be better to store files on the external hard drive instead of the laptop itself. That means you have to remove files stored on your laptop the moment you finish using them. That way, you’ll fill up your storage space quickly. 

Is The MacBook Pro 128GB Laptop Idea For Gaming?

 Yes, it is, given the features it has. The laptop boasts 8GB RAM and a 128GB storage space. All these make it a wise choice for the program. 

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for gaming. Generally, the MacBook Pro laptops aren’t the most desirable for gaming. And the reason isn’t farfetched. Apple didn’t build the laptops for gaming. Thus, they can’t handle high-end games.  


The MacBook Pro 128GB and 256GB laptops are excellent products. They show Apple’s dominance in the tech world. In addition, they’re both great laptops for programming, photo editing, video editing, music production, and other lighter projects. 

Both Apple laptops also boast an impressive battery life, one of the features people consider the most before buying laptops. The MacBook Pro 128GB laptop can last for 10 hours, while the MacBook Pro 256GB laptop can last even longer. 


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