iOS 7 Hands-On Video Walkthrough Of All The New Features

What a day as Apple held their first event of 2013, and delivered one extraordinary show filled with so many major announcements. The obvious highlight was iOS 7, which delivers a completely redesigned interface as Apple has left no pixel untouched. It’s a fresh take on a tired formula that reinvigorates life into iOS just from the sheer look that foregoes gloss and realistic representations to flat, clean, and clear design elements. There are all new stock apps which all have a similar theme in terms of white or black backgrounds combined with translucent elements, and flairs of specific colors that pop from the flat style.
There are also a number of new features beyond design, highlighted by the Control Center, which is accessible from a single swipe up to reveal quick access to settings, media playback controls, and quick apps. Multi-tasking has been redone with live preview tiles popping up at the center of the screen, and you can swipe up to close specific apps. AirDrop has also come to iOS providing the ability to quick share files between iOS devices, and it’s an option built right into the existing share menu. Of the stock apps, the music app got the biggest redesign with iTunes Radio built-in to the app for free personalized music streaming. The camera app was updated with a quick swipe function to switch through four modes, and now also includes photo filters. The photos app also got some love with new organization tools based on the time and location of photos.

The ultimate takeaway is that every stock app has a new design, some have major new features, and all of it is a breath of fresh air. We’re here to give you an in-depth walkthrough of all the new features in motion as we have installed the iOS 7 developer beta to give you a hands-on look at iOS 7 ‘N Action in our video below.


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One Comment on "iOS 7 Hands-On Video Walkthrough Of All The New Features"

  1. Ronit June 11, 2013 at 3:39 AM -

    One of the best detailed hands on review video of iOS7. Really like the way you presented. I have seen tons of videos on youtube, but you covered almost every new feature in detail. Thanks.

    PS: request to upload video regarding the in detail lile call blocking, sms and facetime blocking. None of the current hands on video covers that. Would be really helpful. Also, some guys are claiming the data usage in usage section is in detailed like on Android, can you check that too.

    Thanks again!

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