iOS 8 Insight: Photos & Camera Apps Have Never Looked So Good

iOS 8 is now available for everyone with a compatible device, and it has a number of new features with a focus on the stock Photos & Camera apps. The main feature of Photos is an all new organization system that sorts your photos by location, and date to make them easier to find later on. There’s also a new search system with a magnifying glass on the left side of the top bar, which gives you quick access to find photos based on location, time, or album name.
There’s also brand new editing features that streamline the entire editing process on your iOS device. There’s new cropping composition tools based on either the angle dial, or pre-set form factors. The neatest feature is smart adjustments, which lets you adjust light, color, or black & white via a scrolling meter at the bottom of the screen, which shows tiny thumbnails of the adjustments. You can also perform fine tuning with drop down menus for exposure, shadows, contrast, and more. The new edits are accessible by simply selecting a photo, and tapping on the “Edit” button in the upper right. There’s also a new “Recently Deleted” album to help you save photos you deleted by accident.

The Camera app gained a few valuable features that have been in third party apps for years. The big new addition is the ability to adjust exposure while tapping to focus by simply dragging your finger up and down. There’s also a new self-timer of either three, or ten seconds to help you stage photos. The biggest new camera feature is the all new Time-Lapse mode available by swiping to the left past Video mode. Time-Lapse works as you would expect as you press the record button, and let your iPhone capture scenes at dynamically select intervals. It’s not Hyperlapse, but rather the generic time-lapse photography that emphasizes still positioning.

The main feature though, is iCloud Photo Library, which is still in beta even with the launch of iOS 8. That’s because it’s contingent upon OS X Yosemite, which isn’t slated to launch until October. With iCloud Photo Library, Apple stores all of your photos, and videos without any limits, and it simply ties into your iCloud storage allotment. Apple continues to emphasize the iPhone camera, and now there are new software tools to further enhance it.


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