A Charlie Brown Christmas – The Classic Reborn On iOS

4.0 Overall Score
Usability: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Plenty of interactive features | Outstanding design throughout | Same classic story

Only 20 pages | Most of the customizable features are IAP | Narration option limits the text

The true meaning of Christmas gets lost these days in store blitzes, gift lists, and over the top decorations. A Charlie Brown Christmas always reinforces the meaning of Christmas while bringing the whole holiday back down to earth. The classic story is now on iOS thanks to Loud Crow Interactive, which makes many other great interactive iOS books. A Charlie Brown Christmas delivers the entire story across 20 interactive pages allowing you to read or be read to by Peter Robbins, the original voice of Charlie Brown.

Each page offers a unique experience as you can interact with the characters, and discover hidden items. You can flip through the text at the bottom of the screen, and you can interact with the main illustration after going through the text. Then you can tap on the characters to hear the classic voices of each character say a few lines for each page. The app lets you tap on any word to hear it spoken aloud, and further on you can play Schroeder’s piano, paint a few scenes and decorate a tree.

A Charlie Brown Christmas ($3.99, Universal) perfectly embodies the spirit of the animated classic, and reinvigorates interest in Peanuts for a younger generation. Every page is superbly designed with layers to each page, and such a fine polish to the overall experience like in the very best interactive iOS books. The book does come to an end fairly quickly, but I can see it becoming a must read each year at Christmas time. The interactive elements distinguish it from a regular book, and there’s just a lot to tap on to explore and enjoy.

A Charlie Brown Christmas is a should buy that will get you in the holiday spirit like no other app. There’s also a Peanuts photo booth with new ornaments, decorations, and tree packs to make your own Christmas tree.


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